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Insightful Conversations About Growing Your Remote Teams, Projects and Business

Centered around conversations with experts that have been where you are and have made it to the other side. Each week, our trailblazing guests share their experiences to inspire change, challenge the status quo and share what it takes to travel the road to profitability while managing a remote workforce. If you are looking to improve your operational efficiency and champion processes that maximize profit, these conversations will lead you and your team to the cutting edge.

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Tips to Streamline Your Accounting and Management Efforts in 2022

Tips to Streamline Your Accounting and Management Efforts in 2022 Construction leaders have an opportunity with the new year to streamline key parts of their business – and technology is here to help. John Meibers is the Vice President of DelTek +ComputerEase, a robust construction accounting software. He joined the Mobile Workforce Podcast in March of [...]

Expert Predictions on Construction Technology and Innovation in 2022

Expert Predictions on Construction Technology and Innovation in 2022 Staying up-to-date with the latest tech developments in the construction industry could be a full-time job. There’s so much happening – from innovative software solutions to new hiring trends – that it’s hard to keep track. So how can busy professionals get a sense of where [...]

How Technology Can Help Construction Teams Evolve in 2022

How Technology Can Help Construction Teams Evolve in 2022 The construction industry is in an evolutionary period where old school practices are being replaced with new technology. The question is how do you keep your teams communicating, productive and happy as clients' expectations increase and technology progresses?  In the first episode of 2022, host Mike [...]

Construction’s Best in Show 2021

Host Mike Merrill invites you to reflect on the growth the construction industry has experienced over the past year. Tune in as he reviews his favorite moments and insights from our guests over the last year. These 10 clips were handpicked to inspire you and spark ideas for a rewarding and profitable 2022.

Previewing the 2022 Construction Hiring Landscape

Having the right people in the right roles can make the difference between a successful construction project and a disastrous one. The problem? Hiring qualified workers is a challenge, and right now there are open positions and high competition for people to fill these roles. In the third episode […]

Increase Construction Productivity in 2022 with IoT Technology

2021 was a big year for construction. This begs the question: what might 2022 hold? WorkMax’s 2021 In Review series aims to answer just that. Featuring our most popular guests, each week we will be reviewing highlights from the year and discussing what could be around the […]

2021 in Review: OSHA Compliance

As 2021 comes to a close it is important to reflect on the past year and look forward to what will be coming in 2022. Our 2021 in review series aims to do just that with our most popular guests. Each week we will be reviewing our past predictions for 2021 and what actually happened this year. In addition, we will dive into how you can have a successful 2022!

Best Practices for Growing Your Construction Technology Team

Technology is an integral part of growing your construction business. Construction professionals don’t always know what technology is needed for their business, or the best practices to install and adopt it. Fortunately, host Mike Merrill welcomes Mark Oden, the CEO of BIM […]

Deconstructing Buzzwords Around BIM and VPL Technologies

Building information modeling (BIM) and visual programming language (VPL), more commonly known as visual programming, are transforming the construction world by giving construction professionals the ability to visualize their projects and provide more insight into the pre-construction […]

Celebrating One Year of the Mobile Workforce Podcast

The Mobile Workforce Podcast is a year old! To celebrate this momentous occasion, the podcast did something special! Instead of Mike Merrill hosting, he sat in the hot seat and was interviewed on highlights from the podcast over the past year. In this special episode, Frank […]

The Rise of Extended Reality (XR) Technology in Construction

It’s critical for construction professionals to be able to visualize a completed project in advance. Fortunately, we have tools that can provide detailed and thorough plans and schematics –– these allow owners, architects and general contractors to see a project as it will be before ground […]

Increasing Collaboration in the Construction Process with Technology

The statement “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” couldn’t be more true for the construction industry. Technology has made contractors more productive and effective on the job site than ever before. But that doesn’t matter if the plan isn’t good enough to keep up and causes confusion […]

Drone Technology is the Future of Job Site Management

Drone technology, also known as an aerial vehicle, has become a game-changer for the construction industry. Curious about what this technology can do and how it can improve your projects? On today’s episode of the Mobile Workforce Podcast, host Mike Merrill chats with Keyona Wells, a […]

Reaping the Benefits of Mentorship and Coaching in Construction

Apprenticeships have been a staple in construction for thousands of years. To this day, the benefits of mentorship and coaching are apparent, but at the same time, they’re becoming more challenging to pull off. Why? People get stuck in the busyness trap and delay, delay, delay. […]

Why Understanding the Economy Benefits a Construction Business

The relationship between the health of the construction industry and the economy is undeniable. In fact, many economic reports use construction activity as an indicator of economic health. How can this data help contractors get the most out of their business today? Host Mike Merrill asks this […]

Top Ways Data Collection Reveals New Business Opportunities

The construction industry knows data is a top priority, but there remains confusion around how to collect it, how to store it and what to use it for. Still, it’s an intimidating undertaking, which is why many construction business leaders get overwhelmed and put data collection and […]

How CRM Systems are Supporting the Modern Day Contractor

Managing your previous, current and future customers can be overwhelming for any business. Especially in the construction business when there are a million other things that require your attention immediately. Fortunately, there is a type of software out there that can manage and automate the […]

The Benefits of Embracing a Collaborative Approach in Construction

Have you ever wondered how successful managers and contractors keep their teams and projects on time and under budget? It boils down to collaboration, specifically on job sites and in the technology solutions they use. David Swider is an industry advisor at InEight Inc., an Arizona-based […]

Data Protection 101 for the Construction Industry

Construction technology, just like any technology, is at risk for data breaches if not properly protected. While most of us are comfortable using a safe or filing cabinet to keep physical paperwork safe from prying eyes, digital protection is a foreign language. Fortunately, simple steps can be taken […]

Technology’s Role in Changing Office and Job Site Communication

The success of any construction project starts with accurate planning and management. Unfortunately, the margin for error has shrunk down to a point where traditional methods for pricing out and running a job can easily put any project into the red. In part two with Anne Pfleger, she explains how […]

Women are Driving Change in the Construction Industry

From live field data to IoT, the entire construction industry is changing with technology. But that’s not the only area of construction that is evolving. In fact, there is nowhere changes are more important and impactful than how the industry is changing for women. Anne Pfleger is the President of […]

How IoT Technology is Making the Construction Site Smarter

Construction technology doesn’t just track your budget and gives you information on the progress of your projects. Technology is now integrated with your equipment giving feedback on utilization, early alerts, and warnings. Ajoy Krishnamoorthy joins host Mike Merrill to explain how the (IoT) […]

How Technology Is Helping Construction Firms Manage Hybrid Teams

The adoption of construction technology gained momentum over the last year as companies grappled with the pandemic and how to keep their businesses on track. Today, with hybrid teams as “the new normal,” construction leaders face another challenge: how to make the most of their newfound […]

The Power of a Well-Developed Tech Stack

As construction technology continues to develop, the options and customizations available can give a contractor the exact stack of solutions they need to be as effective as possible on the job site. But if implemented incorrectly, all of the options can create a confusing jumble that no one […]

Advice to Overcome Common Obstacles Construction Business Owners Face

Construction leaders are masters of their trade, but at their core, they’re also entrepreneurs. Fortunately, as different as industries may be, there are several immutable laws of running a business – and that’s something Cody Rich knows all about. A serial entrepreneur, Cody is the founder […]

Digitization, Privacy and Efficiency are Top Trends in Construction Technology

As an industry with a reputation for being behind the eight ball on technology adoption, there are a number of trends taking place that many contractors may not be aware of. This is a problem, especially when these technology trends have implications on the future of the construction business. […]

Providing Mental Health Support & Suicide Prevention in Construction

A few months ago, Stuart Binstock, CEO and President of CFMA, joined the Mobile Workforce Podcast to discuss why mental health and construction safety go hand-in-hand. In today’s episode, Stuart joins host Mike Merrill to dive deeper into how mental health struggles and even suicide […]

Expert Advice on Leveraging All Your Technology’s Features

Today’s construction technology is more sophisticated than ever before, with better offerings to help construction leaders run their businesses smoothly. The downside? Some of the software options inadvertently get ignored or underutilized. But to get the most out of any […]

Construction Safety: Inspiring Workers Through Leadership & Action

Construction safety is an issue important to Chad Hyams’ heart. Twenty years ago, Chad’s life was changed forever when a 2,800 pound bale of hay fell on him, shattering his neck and leaving him a quadriplegic. Devastating as this was, Chad dedicated his life to being an […]

The State of Construction Technology and Digitization in 2021

There’s no denying construction technology is changing the industry for the better, so it’s no surprise companies are increasingly implementing software solutions and digitizing their processes. Curious where you stand in this migration toward digitization and what you need to be at the top of the […]

Successfully Marketing Your Construction Business on Social Media

Construction leaders know a lot about the art of construction. But marketing a construction company? That’s a whole different story. Promoting a construction company can be challenging, especially in today’s competitive market where the landscape is often flooded with advertisements […]

Construction Workforce Development, Culture and Safety Ensures Job Site Success 

A construction company’s success begins with the successes of its individual employees. And according to Dan Clark, motivational speaker and CEO of The Art of Significance Leadership Development, that individual’s success must be […]

Strengthen Construction Supply Chains Through Technology and Relationship Building

In the spring of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic threw much of the construction industry into disarray, with projects going on hiatus and some businesses going under. And while the majority of the industry adjusted to new safety regulations and got back to […]

How The LIME Foundation is Closing the Labor Gap

Workforce shortages in the construction industry cause businesses to turn down projects and miss deadlines every single day. And while the competition for experienced workers is fierce, hiring away from competitors and recycling through employees puts a Band-Aid on a bigger problem […]

Breaking Barriers and Paving the Way for Women in Construction

The construction industry has made positive advancements in recent decades, especially when it comes to technology, engineering and safety. But one area in which the industry continues to lag is the makeup of its workforce. In 2019, women comprised only 10 percent of the […]

Driving Experimentation in Construction Through Creativity

Experimental projects encourage creativity in the construction industry. At the forefront of this is Alfonso Oliva, Director of LERA+ – a spinoff of structural-engineering firm LERA. LERA+ pushes the boundaries of creativity with the principles of engineering by way of design optimization, software development, […]

Why Construction Safety and Mental Health Go Hand-in-Hand

Mental health is a subject that isn’t broached often in the world of construction, but according to Stuart Binstock, CEO and President of CFMA, it needs to be. Binstock is on the board of trustees for the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention (CIASP). CIASP’s goal is making people […]

Compliance with OSHA: How Technology Can Help Get You Ready

Construction management teams prioritize the safety of their workers, but rules and regulations can be confusing to keep up with. On top of that, visits and surprise inspections from OSHA and its state-level affiliates can cause anxiety among even the most diligent of construction firms. […]

Cloud for ERP: Simplifying Job Site Technology

The construction world is too competitive and fast-paced to rely on analog systems, especially when it comes to accounting and payroll. This is why the future of construction technology lies in cloud-based software. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, in particular, is on the rise thanks to […]

Technology for Construction Advances Careers

The way individuals land jobs and move up in construction companies has changed since social media entered the picture. Today, sites like LinkedIn serve as one’s digital brand and resume. And while leveraging technology isn’t formally required to get a job in construction, it is how HR and hiring […]

Live Field Data Protects Your Budget

Technology permeates every aspect of the construction job site, giving contractors better control of their projects, workforces, safety and budgets. And while creating financially efficient job sites can be a tall order, live field data is a reliable way to get on track. With so many ways live field data streamlines business and increases profits […]

Top Construction Accounting Mistakes to Avoid

Accounting is not one-size-fits-all. And construction accounting is especially unique in everything from the way time is collected and allocated to the way job costing and work in progress gets tracked. Because of this, John Meibers, VP of Deltek + ComputerEase, is passionate about educating contractors […]

Construction Succession Planning and Business Exits

Being prepared for the unexpected is part of success on the job site. And yet most business owners haven’t thought about what it takes to eventually sell or pass down their own business. According to Dan Murray, the Coach at Your Restoration Coach, that’s a big mistake. In this episode of the […]

Construction Analytics: Balancing Long-Term Portfolio Risk

Construction can be risky business. Fortunately, with the right information, contractors have the ability to understand their overall exposure to risk. Increasingly, contractors are turning to technology to speed up the process. Typically, people assume this process works much like understanding a stock […]

Analytics in Construction: Beginner’s Guide to Data Visualization and BI 

Every industry has trends that come and go, so it’s understandable leaders get wary of the latest buzzwords. The true test of what’s a shiny toy object versus what has longevity is the value it provides. Take Business Intelligence, or BI for short. BI gives contractors the ability to visualize data […]

Innovation in Construction: Using Tech to Tackle Its Bad Rep

There are a lot of stereotypes about the construction business, such as all projects go over budget and delays are inevitable. Most of them are dated and untrue, but these misconceptions still weigh the industry down. How? For starters, by making it harder to attract good workers and increasing […]

Construction Technology: Pivotal Differentiator for Clients

As the use of construction technology surges across the industry, an unexpected group is expressing interest in how it works: prospective clients. Current customers and prospective clients understand that technology is valuable for businesses in general. But lately, more and more are beginning […]

Construction Field Operations and Finance: Bridging the Gap

A construction company’s success hinges in part on how cohesive its finance and field operations teams are. The well-known challenge, however, is that these two teams work in silos and notoriously struggle to align. So how can construction leaders help these two teams overcome rifts that can […]

Subcontractor Technology to Future-Proof Your Business

Cutting edge technology is no longer just for large construction companies. An increasing number of smaller firms and sub-contractors are implementing tech solutions to improve communications, increase their productivity and protect their businesses. In this episode, Steve Antill, Chief Revenue […]

Construction Prefabrication and Robotics: Job Site Threat or Opportunity?

The construction industry is seeing prefabrication, robotics and automation solutions increase across the board. These new technologies save on costs, increase worker safety and improve quality control. But construction leaders should be proactive in engaging employees early if they’re bringing […]

Supply-Side Processes Improve Job Site Productivity

Material delays. Out of stock materials with no anticipated date of availability. These are the realities even the best contractors face from time to time. The good news is there are ways to avoid supplier shortages so you can keep your project’s timeline and budget intact. In this episode, […]

Maintaining Construction Management Mobility in All Situations

Today’s construction projects and job sites require teams to be nimble and agile so they can handle any surprises that come their way. But these capabilities don’t just happen. Construction leaders need to be proactive, encourage their employees to be ready for the unexpected and help set everyone […]

The Unseen Cost of Your Construction Process Problem

No one in the construction industry is sitting around on their hands. And if being busy equals success, then every contractor would be a millionaire. We invited Jeffrey Nesbitt, the director of consulting services at CLA, to come on the show and talk about productivity and the costs of […]

Large Construction Projects: How to Identify, Engage and Maintain Client Relationships

Construction companies dream of securing large clients to increase their size and profits. But the process of identifying, engaging and maintaining those types of clients is easier said than done. In part two of our conversation with […]

How Culture Influences Construction Productivity

The construction industry hasn’t prioritized company culture the way many other industries have. For the most part, this has been due to the transient nature of the work. But today, longevity and consistency in a construction company’s workforce is vital, especially with the labor shortages […]

Construction Management Skills for Tomorrow

Dusty jeans, a dingy t-shirt and a cigarette is an old-school caricature of a construction manager. Still, the stereotype carries over. This irks construction leaders, since they know it’s critical how their team represents their business on job sites. That’s also why Damien Edwards, founder of […]

From Office to Field Communication Breakdown 

As the founder and president of multiple businesses and the host of the Contractor CoachCast Podcast, Tony Booth has spent 12+ years coaching contractors on technology, risk management and business development. Tony has overseen and advised on hundreds of projects, ensuring […]

Be the Construction Job Site Hero

Ron Babich’s construction experience is far-reaching. With 30+ years of experience, he’s seen about every facet of the business, including founding, funding, growing and managing companies to high growth sales and profitability. He’s also overseen the successful implementation of numerous different technologies and is an advocate for […]

Construction Data: Understanding the Value 

As director at Sage Construction, Dennis Stejskal has over 40 years of experience in the construction field. Dennis has seen all sides of the construction product spectrum and has headed up product management for Sage’s three product lines: Sage 100 Contractor (Master Builder), Sage 300 […]

Purpose Process and Profit, The Keys to Construction Business Success

The co-founder of gFour Marketing and the Wealthy Contractor, Brian Kaskavalciyan has started and built seven companies. Brian has been where you are and is dedicated to helping other contractors be more successful. In this episode of the Mobile Workforce Podcast, Brian shares some of […]

Delegation, The Thin Line Between Success and Failure

Success and Failure As the Head Coach of the Roofing Academy, the Founder of Elite Roofing, the best-selling author of Start It, Build It, Grow It: The Contractor’s Guide to Success and the Host of the Start, Build, Grow Podcast, Randy Brothers has spent 15 years building his own […]