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The Mobile Workforce Podcast

Insightful conversations about growing your remote teams, projects, and business

Construction experts share their experiences to inspire change, challenge the status quo and share what it takes to be profitable while managing a remote workforce.

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Choosing The Right Technology For Your Construction Company

There is no doubt that construction can benefit from technology, but with margins as tight as they are, contractors are wise to take the time to understand how each option will affect their bottom line. Most of the time technology…

Driving Your Construction Business with Customer Experience

Customer Experience (CX) is not new but has become one of the most important parts of any business’s client development and retention strategy. And the numbers don’t lie, 7% of your clients right now are actively looking for a new…

Preparing for an Economic Correction

The economy isn’t stagnant and we all know that it flows back and forth from bull to bear over time. Thankfully over the past 200 years we have seen that every time the economy slows down it is a correction…

How to Treat Your Staff and Clients for Repeat Business

No matter what market we are in, a healthy construction business is built on building a happy and consistent client list that will return for new projects, suggest new clients and give good endorsements. The question is how do you…

Why Low Tech Operations are Hurting the Construction Industry

Low tech construction is still functional in today’s market but we all know that the days of analog processes and the contractors that stick to them are numbered. If we want to thrive in the future construction industry we need…

Using embedded leaders to drive digital adoption in the field

Driving digital adoption is a difficult process for any construction company and is impossible when done incorrectly. The good news is that no one needs to try to figure out the best practices for digital adoption, it has already been…

The Right Time to Upgrade your ERP, Accounting System or Payroll System

Being online and on the cloud is essential for today’s construction industry leaders. The importance of having your information on hand and in a usable format for everyone to see is the only way to ensure that your business is…

Using BI to Build a Culture of Data

Data-driven is a buzzword that has been thrown around for years but very few people understand the steps needed to build a culture that is truly data-driven, or why to do so for that matter. Being a data-focused company is…

Why Transformation is the Key Word in Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a hot topic today and for good reason. No one would argue that technology is needed to drive construction forward. But how can we ensure that we are not overwhelmed with unnecessary platforms and apps? Cindy Whitner,…


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The Mobile Workforce Podcast