Partner Program

Working Together to Elevate the Construction Industry

Partnership Levels



The easiest and fastest way to begin generating income with WorkMax while making an impact in the Construction Industry. As a referral partner, we ensure you have the training, resources, and support to excel.



As a valued associate partner, we ensure training and support.
This level has increased  compensation for first year sales and residual sales.



The highest level of involvement throughout the entire sales process. At this level, partners take ownership of setup, integration, training, and continued customer support. This level offers the highest compensation.

Why Partner with WorkMax

Partnering with WorkMax helps expand your business, increases revenue and adds value to your customers.

WorkMax is the ideal complement to ERP, Finance, Construction Management, Estimating, Scheduling, or other construction platform solutions as an IT consultant or ERP or HSM system. No other Data Collection system enables the benefits of a units, time, form data collection platform in the field with interoperability to over 100 market solutions.

The real value of WorkMax to your customers is the ability to track progress and productivity based on live and accurate data.

  • A solid brand, which attracts and retains customers
  • Competitive product margins across all modules
  • Partner licensing model lets you package and price modules
  • Partner portal to manage and track WorkMax customer accounts
  • Quick to implement, easy to setup and intuitive for your customers
  • Support from the WorkMax team dedicated to ensuring your success
  • A 18-year track record of partner-focused customer solution sales, service, and delivery

WorkMax allows organizations to build automated end-to-end processes to help in all pre-construction and construction phases.

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Customer Referral

We value our customers and prioritize satisfaction as number one.

Receiving a referral/recommendation from you is the highest compliment we can receive.

To show you our appreciation for each qualified referral that completes a WorkMax demo with one of our team, we will send you a $50 Amazon gift card.

When the customer purchases the WorkMax platform we will send a referral  percentage to you.

* Must be a current WorkMax customer to receive gift card


Working with You

WorkMax’s Partner Programs helps us have a far wider reach in helping to elevate the Construction Industry one company at a time. We are grateful for our partners and the relationships of trust we build. We work closely with you to give you the help, resources and support you need to excel. Here are just a few of the ways we work with you.

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Thought Leadership Events
  • Customer Virtual Events
  • Marketing Materials and Content
  • Collobaration Webinars
  • Crossbeams
  • Mixers
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Social Posts
  • Customer Events

Technology Partner

Do you have an innovative application that would help WorkMax customers increase their efficiencies?

As a technology partner, you would have access to our robust APIs and our support in developing your integrated solution.

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