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May 17, 2024

Navigating Economic Trends in Construction with Anirban Basu

Join Chairman and CEO of Sage Policy Group, Dr. Anirban Basu as he focuses on the complexities of the current economic environment and its impact on the construction industry. Despite high interest rates and inflation, consumer spending remains strong. Dr. Basu predicts this is partly due to federal spending and investments into things like infrastructure projects.

Dr. Basu also touches on the critical role of undocumented workers in sustaining growth, particularly in labor-intensive industries. Listen along as he explores the challenges of replacing an aging workforce in construction, emphasizing the need for greater inclusion of women and immigrants.

Key Takeaways:

Consumer Behavior
Despite high interest rates, consumer spending remains high, as does federal government spending. This points to a chance for ongoing, increasing economic transformation. Dr. Basu discusses how this could lead to increased work for the construction industry.

Workforce Challenges
The construction industry will struggle to replace retiring baby boomers, predicts Dr. Basu. Finding skilled construction workers will be made more challenging due to the dynamics of modern education and immigrants.

Immigrant Contributions
Dr. Basu acknowledges and comments on the contributions of undocumented workers and their impact on the U.S. economy, both historically and currently.

Economic Predictions
Dr. Basu anticipates continued growth in the construction sector into 2025. He looks at the paradox of high consumer spending despite increasing interest rates and inflation. Dr. Basu predicts this will lead to an economic slowdown.

Cause of Economic Challenges
Dr. Basu says the economic stimulation from federal spending and the transformation of infrastructure will be key drivers amidst economic challenges. He also emphasizes that, at some point, consumer awareness needs to recognize the growing inflation.

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