Data Sheets

See how WorkMax can increase productivity in your business

List of Data Sheets

    Productivity, Compliance, and Time

    Integrate solutions driven by all-in-one field reports. Increase profit, estimate and schedule accuracy and leadership efficiency by managing multiple projects. Keep projects on time and on budget with ERP, CM and PM interoperability.

    Risk Management

    Leverage Worker and Subcontractor compliance to expedite orientations, manage licenses, expedite enrollments and manage permits and JHA’s to manage safety programs and reduce risk. Reduce claims, insurance and captive costs all in one place.


    Eliminate multiple solutions with centralized, integrated, project management to ERP, Schedule, and Estimating. Integrate Progress, Time and Productivity without acquiring new solutions, reducing complexity.

    Time and Attendance

    Manage time and attendance, overtime, union, and Job costing with real-time mobile reporting and compliance. Reduce admin time by 90% while gaining compliance with local, federal and owner regulations and requirements.

    Subcontractor Management

    Increase margins with subcontractor continuous selection based on best-performing subcontractors. Manage subcontractor risk and expedite orientation time by 95% with reduced administration time. Manage licenses, insurance, onboarding and other requirements reducing site liability while improving productivity and profits.

    Project Management

    Project teams leverage in-depth insight and future visibility into labor, material and resource planned and actual productivity. Progress is measured on hours, units, and scheduled completion dates. Real time productivity empowers project managers, schedulers, finance and other project stakeholders with live site information to reduce risk and improve profits immediately.

    Equipment and Assets

    Ensure the cost and life of equipment are optimized for the long run. Manage equipment expenses including maintenance, checklists, usage and license permit requirements, with historical usage attached to workers, subcontractors and qualified operators.

    Field Worker

    Turn employee smartphones into paperless timesheets. Automatically log hours worked, job units, quantities completed, locations and more in real-time.

    Integrated Project Platform

    Reduce costs, time, and complexity with a single entry to time, productivity, safety, compliance and risk management. Cloud-managed and multi-language supported even offline, and mobile support on any device. Built for interoperability, reduce costs with single point entry integration to ERP, Schedule, Estimate, and BIM. Integrates completely with ConnectMax to QuickBooks, Sage 100, Acumatica and Intacct.


    Expedite billing for improved cash flow. Improve payroll processing time while reducing risk and liability with certified payroll. Simplify expense management with mobile expense management. Reconcile project hours and costs in real-time with budgeted/invoiced time and cost to field reported time and costs.

    Project Analytics

    Protect project margins with real time progress, time and productivity analytics to ensure on time, on budget projects. Integrate with estimates, schedules and finance to measure real time earned value. Project pacing analytics delivers visibility to stakeholders and crews at the field level. Mobile devices deliver planned vs actual results. Crews stay on track with precision productivity rates with pacing information to predict hours remaining on units installed, along with predictive early or late forecasts.