Innovators in Technology

WorkMax presents a celebration of the innovators changing our world for the better.

List of Innovators
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    Jacque Keats with TOD Pro

    TOD PRO is passionate about revolutionizing talent management, by continually simplifying the end-to-end human capital management processes. As a people-first business, we built TOD PRO to form the right team at the right time for any project with full transparency.

    TOD PRO ensures everyone on your team maximizes their opportunities to grow their career and your firm.

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    James Ordway with Sage Software

    At Sage, we knock down barriers with information, insights, and tools to help your business flow.

    We provide businesses with software and services that are simple and easy to use, as we work with you to give you that feeling of confidence. Customers trust our Payroll, HR, and Finance software to make business flow with ease.

    From our local network of experts to our ever-growing partnerships, we are on hand to give you all the insights you need to thrive.

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    Jeremy Littlejohn with Loopingback AI

    Loopingback AI specializes in using asynchronous video to communicate your most important messages, intact and with impact

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    John Thompson with FLX Systems

    FLX Systems develops SaaS solutions for the underrepresented 80% of global workers who do their jobs on the sales floor and in the service field.

    FLX is dedicated to making scalable, engaging, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy technology—empowering teams with the knowledge, confidence, skills, and resources needed to help your company thrive.

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    Mike Gaburo with Igloo Software

    Igloo is a pioneer of the digital workplace technology that has become the foundation of successful companies in every industry by uniting workforces through improved communication, collaboration, and culture.

    By continuously evolving according to emerging trends in the world of work, Igloo’s cloud-based platform leads the way as a digital office space your employees can rely on to enhance their productivity and improve their connection to your company, whether they’re working from offices, frontlines, mobile devices, or homes.

    The depth of the Igloo platform and the expertise of Igloo’s customer-focused teams shape your central destination that integrates with all your favorite tools to enable a happier, more engaged workforce.

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    Craig Monroe with Infor

    As a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry. Infor develops complete solutions for its focus industries, including industrial manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, food & beverage, automotive, aerospace & defense, hospitality, and high tech.

    Infor’s mission-critical enterprise applications and services are designed to deliver sustainable operational advantages with security and faster time to value. Over 60,000 organizations in more than 175 countries rely on Infor’s 17,500 employees to help them achieve their business goals.

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    Champ Gilbert with Toggle Buddy

    Ever struggle to install a toggle bolt? Fighting the spinning toggle while you try to hold whatever you are mounting in place? Two journeyman electricians felt your pain for many years until one day they decided that they had enough! Trampass "Champ" Gilbert and Charlie Morgan invented TOGGLE BUDDY! An invention so simple you will ask yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?" This patented technology will change the way you install toggle bolts from now on. Wait until you see how easy installing a Toggle Bolt can be.

    Toggle Buddy is inexpensive, easy to use and easy to buy. Made by Tradesman for Tradesman.

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    Greg Palese with Klein Tools

    Family-owned and operated since 1857, Klein Tools has provided professional tradespeople with tools and solutions that enable the highest levels of performance and safety. We are driven to be the world’s most innovative and customer-centric, trade-focused tool company.

    For over 160 years, we at Klein Tools have worked hard to earn the trust and gain credibility with our customers by achieving world-class quality and on-time delivery standards.

    Our teams are built to continuously develop and deliver innovative new products that solve problems for our customers. This has led to steady growth which Klein Tools continues to fuel through expansion of teams and capabilities.

    Quality, Customer Obsession, Innovation, Teamwork, and Ownership make up the core of Klein Tools. These five distinguishing values define our company’s culture and how we operate as an organization. We believe that these values set our business above others in our industry.

    At Klein Tools, we give you the opportunity to forge your career with an iconic brand, providing you the tools you need to drive your future!

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    Scott Thornton with Tamco

    TAMCO is made up of its six unique brands: Tamlite Lighting, Fusion Lamps, RPP Redditch Plastic Products and Devices, F4P First for Performance, MCG Motor Control Gear, and Centaur Electrical Installation. These brands cover a wide variety of high-quality electrical products and consumable materials, yet each of these brands works separately within its own market sector.

    At TAMCO, every decision begins and ends with quality. Our Research and Development team and Quality Control department work together to ensure that the highest quality products are designed, manufactured, and sold. Our customers can count on quality products the first time and every time!

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    Ting Chang with MicroNOC

    MicroNOC is turning buildings into grid-synchronized property-based clean virtual power stations to reduce energy waste. MicroNOC balances your rates and balances the grid.

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    Dario Pagani with ChargePoint

    Electric mobility is the smart choice. We make it the easy one, too. So easy that someone plugs into our network every 1 second.

    Since 2007, ChargePoint has focused solely on building the best electric vehicle (EV) charging experience for everyone involved in the shift to electric. Join us in shaping the future of mobility.

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    Chad Sheffield with RESA Power

    RESA Power is the premier national provider of mission-critical solutions for electrical power systems to address system safety, reliability, operability, and efficiency. We have provided electrical solutions to thousands of companies throughout the United States and Canada on both a routine and a 24/7/365 basis since 2003.

    We are the experts in servicing major power distribution and control equipment and have one of the largest inventories of vintage and hard-to-find components in the industry. Partnering with RESA Power enables you to extend the life of your power distribution and control equipment through utilizing our predictive and preventative maintenance programs.

    At RESA Power, we combine the national access and expertise of a large-scale provider with the speed and service quality of a trusted local partner. Our national footprint (20+ Businesses in more than 20 locations across the U.S. and Canada) enables us to deliver a consistent level of expertise and power services wherever our customers are located.

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    Richard McKinney with KT Outdoors

    KT Outdoors has the ability to provide state-of-the-art, cost effective homes that can be built in as little as 20 minutes and entire communities in a day. Whether it’s from a natural disaster, or a life experience that leaves someone unsheltered, we have the solution. Having a place to call your own again that is comforting, lockable, climate controlled, and gives you that piece of mind and dignity needed to start your journey back to your goals in life.

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    Scott Jacobitti with Snake Tray

    Snake Tray designs and manufactures a series of cable tray management and power & data distribution systems all designed with labor-saving features to lower the total cost of construction. Our products are all made in the USA in our New York factory that is powered by solar energy. Snake Tray also provides custom design and manufacturing services for leading companies and Government agencies in the US and worldwide.

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    Monica Di Lorenzo with CFMA

    Founded in 1981, CFMA is the only organization dedicated to providing construction financial professionals with unparalleled career development and networking opportunities. Along with publishing the award-winning CFMA Building Profits, CFMA offers educational, professional, and connection programs through its 99 chapters, Annual Conference, and online learning to more than 8,300 members. CFMA members are CFOs, controllers, and treasurers working at major commercial construction contractors in general, specialty trades, and heavy/highway sectors, as well as those professionals who service these industry financial professionals, such as accountants, surety agents, bankers, and IT specialists.

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    Matt Mladenka with Protec Equipment Resources

    Protec Equipment Resources is a full-service solutions provider of electrical test and measurement equipment. Protec provides an extensive in-stock rental inventory, flexible terms, and customer service characterized by a personal, proactive, principled approach to optimizing rental operations.

    Our calibration labs offer NIST-traceable calibration services, and our qualified technicians will ensure that your test instruments are working at peak performance and meet all manufacturer standards. Quick turnaround is standard, with most equipment completed in 5 business days or less.

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    Kari Honkaniemi with BOS Construction Solutions

    BOS Construction Solutions, BOS CS, or simply 'BOS' offers Quick Build -containers, KT-Shelter, Work-Lights and iLOQ locks, all of which are high-quality European-designed and manufactured products.

    Our primary target markets are b2b and large b2c clients in equipment, tool and party rental, construction, remediation, and storage industries, just to name a few.