Total Field Platform

WorkMax Total Field Data Solution Platform empowers Owners, EPCM's, and Contractors with  automated end-to-end processes to help manage mobile, remote, and local resources.

Manage Productivity, Progress, Earned Value, Time, Risk, Safety, and Compliance integrated with over 100 leading solutions.

The Industries #1 Ease of Use Mobile Solution.  Focus on People, Assets, and Customers.

Streamline the way you manage time and labor across your entire workforce with an easy clock-in / clock-out employee time tracking module.

  • Eliminate time sheets
  • Works offline
  • Reduce manual data entry

Turn paper forms into digital forms and deploy them to your workforce for easy accurate data collection.

  • Eliminate paper forms
  • Unlimited form creation
  • Real-time data transer

Keep track of your tools, equipment, and assets. Know where they are and what is being used.

  • Avoid tool and equipment loss
  • Track usage and maintenance
  • Check in, check out and assign assets to location, employee, or project

Real-time visual metrics on current projects and assets.

  • Ability to see if a project is in budget
  • Updated in real-time
  • Address cost overruns sooner