Total Field Platform

WorkMax Total Field Data Solution Platform empowers Owners, EPCM's, and Contractors with  automated end-to-end processes to help manage mobile, remote, and local resources.

Manage Productivity, Progress, Earned Value, Time, Risk, Safety, and Compliance integrated with over 100 leading solutions.

The Industries #1 Ease of Use Mobile Solution.  Focus on People, Assets, and Customers.

Streamline the way you manage time and labor across your entire workforce with an easy clock-in / clock-out employee time tracking module.

  • Eliminate time sheets
  • Works offline
  • Reduce manual data entry

Turn paper forms into digital forms and deploy them to your workforce for easy accurate data collection.

  • Eliminate paper forms
  • Unlimited form creation
  • Real-time data transer

Keep track of your tools, equipment, and assets. Know where they are and what is being used.

  • Avoid tool and equipment loss
  • Track usage and maintenance
  • Check in, check out and assign assets to location, employee, or project

Real-time visual metrics on current projects and assets.

  • Ability to see if a project is in budget
  • Updated in real-time
  • Address cost overruns sooner

Cloud Platform

Eliminate Multiple Apps and Solutions
Reduce costs, time, and complexity with a single entry to time, productivity, safety, compliance and risk management. Cloud managed and multi-language supported even offline, and mobile support on any device. Built for interoperability, reduce costs with single point entry integration to ERP, Schedule, Estimate, and BIM. Integrates completely with ConnectMax to QuickBooks, Sage 100, Acumatica and Intacct.

Support Multiple Media Formats
Attach any file type – from images to website URLs project owners and contractors are able to share documents, photos and any other file type for job site reference including job site management, compliance, training, litigation, and more.

Media types:

  • Video or YouTube URL
  • Microsoft Office and Word
  • PDF
  • PDF
  • Image
  • Custom Notes
  • Custom Exams

Made for Mobility
Designed with mobile field integration in mind, WorkMax integrates field mobility to HR, Finance, Scheduling, Safety, and Risk. Reduce the number of applications while improving productivity and complexity. Leverage existing Finance, Schedule, Estimating and CM applications to simplify mobile construction management.

Fast Cloud Deployment
Cloud-based deployment provides the ability to get up and running quickly without the need to hire additional IT staff or invest in specialized hardware or software. A standards-based technology platform hosted on AWS requires no special hardware or software.

Leverage Role-Based Security
Protect sensitive data from unauthorized access, with multiple levels of security applied to individuals or groups of users. Define security roles tied to existing network log-in names, including active directory. Include field level, job, region, menus, and screen level security.