Subcontractor Management

Manage subcontractor requirements and expedite orientation time by 95%


Increase margins with subcontractor continuous selection based on best performing subcontractors. Manage subcontractor risk, expedite orientation time by 95% with reduced administration time. Manage licenses, insurance, onboarding and other requirements reducing site liability while improving productivity and profits.


Risk Reduction

Reduce risk by hiring qualified contractors.

Streamline the prequalification process with a single platform for assessing a company’s risk, putting together a plan, and inviting them onto your projects.

Expedite Orientations

Train and onboard subcontractors with safety expectations, PPE usage requirements, site safety plans, emergency exits, permit requirements, and JHA’s. Reduce orientation time by 400% or more including remote site management that prevents subcontractors from waiting onsite to receive or submit requirements.

Prevent Uninsured Workers on the Job Site

Empower site supervisors, finance, and project teams to prevent uninsured workers on the job site. Meet state requirements while avoiding penalties and the liability of paying workers compensation for uninsured subcontractors injured on a job.

Track Onboarding Completions

Pair orientations with unique worker profiles. Monitor completions, certifications, current licenses, and active permits with reports and dashboards.


Save Site Superintendent, Project Manager Time, and Money

Electronic and mobile onboarding reduces site orientation time by 95%, allowing supervisors to be out of the office and onsite with the work. Subcontractors are able to receive orientations prior to arriving at the job site.


Create Worker or Trade Specific Training Packages

Create training packages by trade, location, equipment, permit type and more.

Reduce Labor Costs with Remote Approvals

Project managers and supervisors are able to approve permits, JHA’s, safety plans and other subcontractor requirements, reducing administration time, and eliminating wait time by the subcontractor until someone arrives at the job site.

Acquire Submittals

Prior to mobilization, collect trade-specific information from each subcontractor including Site Safety Plans, Outstanding Submittals, Drawings, and other documents remotely.


Manage Document Proof of Insurance and Bonding

Collect and manage Certificates of Insurance (COI). Track expiration dates and sufficient coverage. View real-time status of subcontractor expiring licenses. Real-time, onsite reporting of worker, subcontractor current and expiring license, bond and insurance.


Manage Pre-Mobilization Meetings

Document attendees, signatures, documents received, procurement requirements, conversations, inductions, health, and safety concerns, and more.


Eliminate Paper Onboarding

Issue digital certificates stored in the cloud and attached to worker, subcontractor, and equipment profiles.