Frequently Asked Questions

Find the Answers to some of our clients most asked questions.

Is a wireless plan required?

No. WiFi devices can share data with the WorkMax Control Center. Connected mobile devices provide the most current, real-time information however the system is designed to allow mobile/remote users to work while completely disconnected, then sync up later.

How does the pricing model work?

WorkMax Modules are priced per user. Package and volume discounts are also available depending on your order. The WorkMax platform lets you pick and price exactly what's right for your business.

What is a user?

A user is anyone who logs into WorkMax, captures data with WorkMax mobile apps or is active in the system. Each mobile user, employee, admin, or manager needs their own user license. Every user gets access to the WorkMax Control Center and/or WorkMax mobile apps.

Can I vary user counts per module?

Yes, this is the power of the WorkMax platform. Get what you need now with peace of mind you can expand as you grow. For instance, today you may need 200 TIME users, 30 ASSETS users, 75 FORMS users and 30 INSIGHT users. Expanding your solution with the WorkMax platform as you grow is quick and easy.

How do I add new users or new modules later?

Add users anytime with ease, simply log in into your WorkMax account to get exactly what you need 24/7/365.

How long are your contracts? Can I change plans?

WorkMax subscription plans are annual plans with an annual anniversary/renewal, anything purchased mid-contract is pro-rated through the customer's anniversary date.

What if I add users during an annual plan?

Any new users added are only charged the pro-rated amount, from the date of add-on through your existing annual plan anniversary.

What if my user counts fluctuate greatly?

WorkMax allows you to add new users mid-contract. Customers can do this at will right from within the Control Center. Added users are pro-rated and only charged the remaining term to your annual anniversary date. Upon your annual renewal, customers can reduce users or "reset" licenses at your annual anniversary.

How long does WorkMax take to setup?

You can log in and start learning immediately. We offer professional implementation and one-on-one training to help setup your company and train your teams.

What training is available?

We have a full team of professionals ready to train your team on all the functions to help your business function at a high level.

What support is available?

Unlimited phone, chat, email and knowledge base support is included with annual plans. Chat, email and knowledge base support is included with monthly plans. Our resource specialists are happy to help and available Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm Mountain Time.

Can WorkMax integrate with other systems?

Yes. WorkMax has a robust integration utility called Connect Max that supports integration with 100+ different ERP, Accounting and Payroll systems. In addition WorkMax provides complete JSON and CSV functionality allowing you to get data IN and OUT of WorkMax with ease.

Will I need IT staff to manage WorkMax?

WorkMax is a web-based solution that is designed to be a low-to-no impact solution on your staff. You won't need any servers as there is no software to install, update or maintain. WorkMax Control Center updates are automatic for a superior customer experience. WorkMax mobile apps are updated through the app store and google play store.

Is my WorkMax data safe?

Yes. WorkMax takes data security very seriously. To learn more about the vast security measures we take to protect your business and your data. Click Here

How much data storage is included?

Every account includes a generous 1 GIG of data storage per user. I.E. A company with 100 TIME users and 20 FORMS users would have 120 GIG of storage.

Does WorkMax have a partner program?

Yes. For best-of-breed consultants and solution providers WorkMax will help you expand your consulting business and make your company more valuable to your customers.

More Questions?

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