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The Mobile Workforce Podcast

Insightful conversations about growing your remote teams, projects, and business

Construction experts share their experiences to inspire change, challenge the status quo and share what it takes to be profitable while managing a remote workforce.

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Government Tax Credits: A Real Construction Opportunity That Should Not Be Left Behind

It can be a real challenge to best understand which projects are the most profitable and which are to be avoided. Sometimes projects can have special incentives that take them from the middle of the pile and can make them…

Layering Responsibilities to Find Balance Between the Job Site and Everything Else

What inspires your work? Your family? Hobbies? A job well done? We all have something that drives us but not everyone is able to take that drive and turn it into the lifestyle they dream about. Ask any experienced entrepreneur…

Driving Accuracy Off and On The Job Site For Maximum Profitability

The complexity of doing business in construction is at an all time high. On top of that the current market is simply going to require that contractors are more engaged, have a clear understanding of their business and fight to…

How Technology is Driving Sustainability in Construction

Today it isn’t hard to see the effects of unsustainable practices and the fact that our resources are limited. Its this limitation that drives innovation and today’s construction leaders have the ability to increase their productivity and at the same…

The Importance Of Productivity Tracking In Construction

The adage “you can’t improve what you don’t measure,” is especially true for productivity in construction. With so many job codes, people, materials and agendas happening on every job site it was historically impossible to measure productivity accurately until after…

The Director of Production’s Role Impact on the Job Site

The entire construction industry has been going through a huge shift over the past few years driven by necessity and by technology. Fortunately adversity pushes innovation forward and today’s contractors need to have the most productive job sites possible to…

The Power of a Peer Network on Construction Leadership

No man is an island – an old but true saying by the poet John Donne. Its as true today as it was in 1624 when first written. Fortunately, we don’t live under the same rules and with the same…

Tackling the Labor Gap One Internship at a Time

The trades can be one of the most fulfilling careers for the right person but due to stereotypes and long-held beliefs about continuing education, these options are often left on the cutting room floor. This misunderstanding leads to a number…

Understanding Millennial Culture to Find, Recruit and Retain Your Construction Team

Millennial culture can be confusing and frustrating for construction leaders, especially those from the boomer generation. Unfortunately, millennials make up over a third of the US workforce and that number is only going to continue to rise. Fortunately, millennials can…


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The Mobile Workforce Podcast