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May 3, 2024

How to Revolutionize Workforce Management: Insights from an Expert

Are you looking for steps to adapt to evolving workforce demands? Discover transformative strategies in our latest podcast episode.

Join Mike Merrill and renowned human relations expert Brent Kudzierski as they explore evolving workforce management trends to help you improve workplace productivity while attracting and retaining employees.

“Every generation reshapes the workforce based on their experiences. Right now, we’re shifting from living to work to working to live. Understanding and adapting to this change is key to future success.”  – Brent


Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace technology to improve safety and efficiency.
  • Shift from work-life balance to prioritizing life.
  • Engage and value employees to boost productivity.


In order to keep their companies competitive, construction professionals have to stay ahead of the evolving trends in workforce management. In this podcast, Brent discusses the historical shifts from efficiency-focused practices to modern, post-pandemic approaches that prioritize worker well-being and life outside of work.

Brent and Mike give advice on how to deal with the shift from traditional management theories to the current model that emphasizes work-life balance. One of the common tools they highlight to help implement this change is through the use of technology.

“Technology should support, not replace, human workers,” Brent said.

Construction technology can create, track and store crucial information. Employers can use this technology, oftentimes in the form of a software, to build their safety programs and track compliance, manage productivity, deadlines and much more.

See how WorkMax’s construction time tracking and productivity management software can help you revolutionize your workforce management. With WorkMax, you can connect information from the field and office to provide you with real-time insights into workforce efficiency and project progress.