WorkMax TIME

Constructions #1 Time and Labor Management Solution for
Ease of Use and Simplicity


Easy to use employee time tracking with the power to track the entire workforce.

Live field data enables accurate paychecks, invoices, progress, productivity and true job cost analysis.

Real-time data eliminates errors while completing billing and payroll in a fraction of the time.

Easy, Powerful Employee and Trade Partner Time Tracking


Mobile Employees


Remote Employees


Office Staff

GPS Location

Ensure your mobile workforce is in the right place, at the right time. When employees punch IN, change TASKS and punch OUT, WorkMax TIME captures GPS location. You can setup WorkMax to compare your custom Geo-fences along with time-stamps to alert you if employees have punched IN, changed TASKS or punched OUT outside of your Geo-Fence.


Facial Recognition

Eliminate "Buddy-Punching" by using our patented facial technology. As employees clock IN, change TASKS and punch OUT, their face recognition picture will be captured along with their time-stamp. WorkMax then auto-scans photos with our intelligent face-matching technology to find and flag any suspect time records. WorkMax TIME Face Recognition can also be turned on or off for each employee.


WorkMax lets you setup the system your way, ensuring company-wide adoption and a quick return on investment. Employees are quick to learn and adopt WorkMax because you can personalize the system for your industry, your business, and your entire team.

Permission Profiles

Route pertinent data to the proper employees, resulting in less mistakes and more accurate TIME and field data as employees are presented only what is applicable to that employee, their job(s) or their workflow.

Custom Workflow

Support real-time and "after the fact" TIME tracking workflows so employees can punch IN, change TASKS and punch OUT or supervisors can clock an entire group on or off in seconds.

Employees and Trade Partners can review, approve and sign off on their time worked.


Clock IN/OUT

Facial Recognition

Faster payroll and billing with time collection and labor automation


Faster payroll and billing with time collection and labor automation

Faster payroll and billing with time collection and labor automation




Real-Time & Allocation


Digital Time


Real-Time Workflow
Allows your business to get accurate employee time and labor worked in real-time. It captures GPS time stamps at clock IN's, task change, and clock OUT's. Tasks, productivity, and job-costs are recorded accurately.

Punch IN, change TASKS, and punch OUT in real-time as it happens. Supervisors don't need to do anything.

Real-Time & Allocation Workflow
Supervisors can break up the accurate time into tasks performed with units produced and can even bulk-allocate time/tasks/units for an entire group at once. Your business gains accurate real-time labor worked, GPS time stamps along with tasks, units completed, and job-costs.

Punch IN to start shift and OUT at the end of the day. Employees do not need to change tasks throughout the day.

Digital Time Workflow
Eliminates the need to collect paper time sheets from employees or calling them to figure out the time they have worked in a pay period.

A digital timesheet, allowing employees to enter time worked after the fact, generally at the end of the day

Clock IN/OUT

Individual or team leaders clock IN/OUT

Individual or team leaders clock IN/OUT

Record time digitally after the work is done.

Job Tasks

Individual can change job task in seconds

Supervisor allocate employees into different tasks as they occur

Supervisors can allocate tasks after the time has been entered


GPS Location is used for each captured step in real-time as it happens

Can be used

Clock IN/OUT

Job Tasks




GPS time stamps and tasks

Can be used

Facial Recognition


Job Tasks


WorkMax TIME Niemeyer Bros. Plumbing ROI

Make Payroll a Breeze

WorkMax TIME is able to connect to today's most popular accounting software to increase efficiency by eliminating manual data entry and automating your payroll process.

Any Device, Anytime, from Anywhere

WorkMax TIME allows your team to easily track time and manage labor from any device, anytime, from anywhere.

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  • GPS Location Stamps

  • Pay Groups

  • Customizable Flex-fields

  • Sync with Payroll Software

  • Live Clock In/Out Visibility

  • Overtime Rules

  • Real-time Workflow

  • On-demand Import/Export

  • Employee Privileges and Rights

  • Time Zone Support

  • Increased Accuracy

  • Easy to Use