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WorkMax ASSETS helps your team better track accurate asset location, assignment, inventory, maintenance and asset usage.


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Cover Your Assets From Anywhere

Now your teams can manage and access your complete company asset inventory from the field, the shop, the office or in between. All your valuable assets neatly organized and managed from a central location.


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Capture and Share Accurate Asset Usage 

 Capture and track accurate asset usage as it happens (or after the fact) from anywhere providing quicker, more accurate billing. Measuring accurate asset usage, maintenance and asset ROI has never been easier. 


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Decrease Asset Loss

Who has it? Where is it? How long has it been there? When is it due back? Now anyone on your team can access, view and even assign assets to the right people and the right place. Instant answers from anywhere.

track assets and equipmentTrack and manage company ASSETS Accurately

Asset management is difficult with a mobile workforce, now your workforce can easily manage your most valuable company assets, tools and equipment from anywhere. Tools are expensive to replace and can be difficult to keep track of. Stop asset loss, minimize delays and know what is where in an instant. Check in, check out and assign assets to locations, employees, and projects. The WorkMax asset module allows businesses in virtually any industry to track their valuable company assets. With the built-in flexibility that the Assets module provides, our customers track a variety of assets including small tools, large equipment, electronic devices and virtually any of your other company assets.

track assets and equipment

track assets and equipmentStop Asset, Tool and Equipment Loss

track assets and equipmentTrack Usage and Maintenance

track assets and equipmentAsset Assignment, History and Visibility

track assets and equipmentMinimize Downtime and Delays

track assets and equipmentRecover Lost Revenue




The WorkMax ASSETS module delivers all the features you need to easily manage your company assets, tools and equipment. Read More


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Customize the WorkMax platform to fit your business without hidden fees or forced upgrades to more costly editions. Read More
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new way to manage and track company assets.

track assets and equipment

track assets and equipmentTRACK IT ALL – FROM BIG TO SMALL 

The WorkMax ASSETS module will help your team with asset management including where it is, who is using it and all other asset lifecycle details. Ensure that tool loss is at an all-time minimum. Ensure asset location and assignment is real-time and dead-on accurate. Minimize downtime and extend the life of your tools, equipment and assets. Ensure that asset usage and project billing coincide to maximize efficiency. 

track assets and equipmentASSETS IN THE FIELD AND ON THE MOVE

If you have assets in the field and on the move, now your team can use their mobile device to collect and capture accurate asset usage from anywhere, anytime. Track assets and equipment with ease. As tools and equipment are transferred and re-assigned your mobile and remote workforce can easily capture and manage real-time asset information, while keeping your asset database current and up to date. Mobile users can check assets in and out, track usage, location, maintenance and so much more.

Any Device | Anytime | Anywhere

WorkMax is in the Cloud so you can manage company assets,
from the field, the office or anywhere.

track assets and equipment

ANYtrack assets and equipment any device

Access WorkMax from any web browser on virtually any device. No service? WorkMax Mobile runs on Android and Apple devices, so your mobile assets can be worked on while completely disconnected.

ANYtrack assets and equipment anytime

WorkMax is hosted in the Cloud on secure and robust servers that run 24/7/365, providing your workforce unlimited, anytime access.

ANYtrack assets and equipment anywhere

WorkMax is accessible from work, home or on the go without requiring software to be installed on any specific devices or machines.


Modern ASSETS Tracking

for as low as $895 month

Beautiful design, powerful features and a rapid implementation
deliver an incredible asset management solution for your team.

track assets and equipment

track assets and equipmentEliminate asset loss and REPLACEMENT COSTS
track assets and equipmentAsset assignments shown live in REAL-TIME
track assets and equipmentTrack asset usage and maintenance ACCURATELY
track assets and equipmentRapid implementation, WEB-BASED Deployment

track assets and equipmenttrack assets and equipmenttrack assets and equipment




track assets and equipment

Protect Your Investment

No more losing unnecessary dollars
from untracked or lost equipment.

easily track assets and equipment

Easy, Accurate Asset Assignment

Gone are the days of wondering who has
what, now you know exactly who has it.

track assets and equipment mobile app

Mobile Asset Transfer + Assignment

Mobile workers can transfer assets to
and from each other on the go.

track assets and equipment with barcode

Instantly find the asset you are

looking for by unique number, bar code,
pick list or even serial number.

track assets and equipment utilization

Track asset life-cycle, utilization and 

minimize downtime by knowing which
assets are used most often.

track assets and equipment maintenance

Maximize asset life – maintenance

Accurate asset usage tracking ensures
proper service and increases asset life. 

track assets and equipment software

Flexible and Affordable

monthly pricing model lets you get
exactly what is right for your business.

track assets and equipment

Rapid Implementation

No software to setup, maintain or
update ensures a quick return.

track assets and equipment

Complete Visibility across

your workforce and entire network
of mobile, remote and local resources.



Imagine the power of combining ASSETS with other WorkMax modules
to help capture rich, accurate data along with tracking your valuable assets.



Take ASSET management to the next level by leveraging other modules along with ASSETS. Each WorkMax module has been designed to be used standalone OR to interact seamlessly with each of the other modules. Each time you add a module you exponentially increase the value of the solution to your business.

track assets and equipmentREAL-WORLD LEVERAGE EXAMPLE   track assets and equipment   +   track assets and equipment

Add FORMS to ASSETS and now all of your business forms can be accessed along with tracking your business’ tools, equipment and assets. Any form pertaining to asset tracking could be built and applied, maintenance forms, repair forms, lost/missing/replacement forms, virtually any data you need concurrent to assets could be built and applied in a digital form. The flexible, modular platform is what makes WorkMax the ultimate resource management solution for your organization.

Any Device Any Time Any Where

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