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September 30, 2022

The Impact of Digital Forms on a Mobile Workforce

A digital workforce has been a focus of the construction industry for years now. Removing paper from your workflow and processes is paramount to getting in front of your competition and increasing your profits. Rarely do digital forms come up in conversation and few contractors are able to wipe out their physical forms. The good news is digital forms exist, but how can they be used to increase your business?

In this episode of the Mobile Workforce Podcast, we welcome Melissa Kastle, Office Manager at Executive Elevator, a multigenerational construction company providing routine monthly service, repairs, and modernization to electric or hydraulic elevators, onto the show to share the importance of digital forms for today’s construction companies, how forms save time and money and increase customer confidence and retention.


Key Takeaways:

  1. Digital forms should be an integral part of your overall digitization plan. Digital forms can expedite healthy and productive digitization by giving a truly digital platform to track and manage your business as you did on paper but with instantaneous, flexible and searchable digital formatting.
  2. Using the secondary functions of digital forms can save you time and money. Digital forms have secondary features like the ability to embed photos and videos into your forms can clarify immediate situations and can also give definitive proof of a situation in the past. Embedded images and videos have been used in lawsuits and insurance claims to save contractors from false or unfair judgments. Make sure you are using them.
  3. Safety programs can benefit from the engagement level forms demand. Any safety program is only as good as the impact it makes on the job site. Digital forms can ensure that employees are paying attention to safety training, notices and instructions by forcing them to agree with the safety processes and sign that they have read and understand what is expected of them.