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November 8, 2020

Construction Data: Understanding the Value 

As director at Sage Construction, Dennis Stejskal has over 40 years of experience in the construction field. Dennis has seen all sides of the construction product spectrum and has headed up product management for Sage’s three product lines: Sage 100 Contractor (Master Builder), Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (Timberline Office) and Sage Estimating. His experience has led him to his current role as the Director of Customer Experience.

In this episode of the Mobile Workforce Podcast, Dennis shares the value of construction data and how contractors need to start using the data they have and seek out data that will build their successes.  Listen in to find out how to increase the use of data that has already been collected on the job site and how to give it value.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Leverage underutilized data from the field. Not taking the time to understand the full potential of data you’ve collected from the field will hinder contractors in the long run. Never underestimate the power analyzing data has to help make better strategic decisions and improve your bottom line.
  2. Study the connections between specific data sets. Unused data does no good. By analyzing data sets, construction leaders can identify patterns and pinpoint areas where productivity needs a boost.
  3. Overcoming the fear of technology will unleash limitless opportunities for your business. Blame it on fear of the unknown, but many contractors and employees are hesitant to use technology they’re unfamiliar with. Fortunately, the more exposure they get to new solutions, the more comfortable they will be using it. And that opens up endless possibilities to improve your business, spanning data collection, labor tracking, safety training and more.