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April 15, 2022

The Director of Production’s Role Impact on the Job Site

The entire construction industry has been going through a huge shift over the past few years driven by necessity and by technology. Fortunately adversity pushes innovation forward and today’s contractors need to have the most productive job sites possible to remain competitive. Enters a new role to facilitate that drive, the director of production.

On today’s episode we welcome back Damien Edwards, the National Director of Production at Toll Brothers. If you have not heard it before make sure to check out episode number six where we discussed how the job site represents the business and the skills construction managers need to be successful in the eyes of their clients. Today, Damien shares how to stay on top of client expectations, why every construction company needs a director of production, and why attitude is everything.

Key Takeaways

  1. Treating clients like partners increases satisfaction even through delays. In today’s market it is easy to run into labor and material issues, these issues regularly lead to delays, increases costs and other problems. By being transparent and allowing the customer to be part of the process you can avoid adding customer dissatisfaction to your list of issues!
  2. Every builder needs to have a person focused on production. There needs to be a person at every builder that monitors key metrics like cycle time, quality, and customer satisfaction while also training and driving those metrics up. Will ensure that builds are delivered on time and to happy customers.
  3. Your attitude sets the pace. No planning or tracking will help if the attitude coming from leadership isn’t a positive can do attitude. Times are tough and maintaining and protecting a positive attitude will decrease stress which will lead to better decision making – translating to a happier workforce and client base.