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ep-13-steve antill

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February 3, 2021

Subcontractor Technology to Future-Proof Your Business

Cutting edge technology is no longer just for large construction companies. An increasing number of smaller firms and sub-contractors are implementing tech solutions to improve communications, increase their productivity and protect their businesses. 

In this episode, Steve Antill, Chief Revenue Officer of Foundation Software, joins the podcast to discuss technologies subcontractors and small firms can implement to streamline their efforts with general contractors. He explains the different benefits of communication, labor scheduling and documentation tools, and shares why companies – no matter their size – need to have an IT strategy. Steve also talks about how investing in technology and eliminating data silos pays off for construction businesses in the long term, and why the time to get started is now.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Leverage technology to build and strengthen key relationships. Whether it’s vendors, partners, suppliers, workers or subcontractors, technology can be used to allow everyone to collaborate and communicate. Having open lines of communication is especially important to proactively send notifications or get in touch when delays or absences are on the horizon.
  2. Digital documentation is a must. Even when all parties have the best of intentions, misunderstandings are bound to happen. By investing in digital documentation, contractors can store their records, search for change orders and pictures, and protect themselves from litigation and pay disputes. 
  3. Integration is the key to ensuring different systems speak the same language.  Being able to connect with the systems and data that the general contractor is using gives subcontractors insight into the current status of the projects they are engaged with as well as data on the tasks they are directly connected to.