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ep-59-jeffery nesbitt

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January 4, 2022

How Technology Can Help Construction Teams Evolve in 2022

The construction industry is in an evolutionary period where old school practices are being replaced with new technology. The question is how do you keep your teams communicating, productive and happy as clients’ expectations increase and technology progresses?

In the first episode of 2022, host Mike Merrill welcomes Jeffrey Nesbitt, the Senior Manager, global ERP alliances and partnerships at Procore Technologies, a top cloud-based construction management software, on the show. Jeffrey was on the show last January to discuss how construction process problems hurt your bottom line. He is back to discuss real-time visibility on the job site, communication breakdowns and process inefficiencies to tackle in 2022.

Key Takeaways

  1. It’s important to have a holistic technology solution – It can be tempting to use technology to plug process and productivity holes in your business but it is the most costly and ineffective way to implement technology. Instead, take your entire organization into consideration when looking to implement new tech. It is more cost and time-effective to find the technologies that solve your immediate problem as well as solve less pressing issues down the line.
  2. Ensure your tech plays nice –  It is important to make sure it integrates with the other software and hardware you have to ensure that data flows across your entire organization. If your data isn’t being instantly shared between the job site and the office and across departments, even to your contractors and subcontractors you are already behind the competitive edge. Ensure that your team isn’t in the dark, instead make sure everyone has the information they need.
  3. Gamify the job site – Giving everyone digital feedback on their progress and productivity. It will increase their awareness of their own successes and create mile markers for everyone to aim at. Knowing where your productivity is for the day/week/project instantly increases productivity as well as bragging rights.