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August 26, 2022

Gaining 35% Construction Productivity by Increasing Your Communication

Communication from the job site back to the office and to the customer can become a real bottleneck that impedes the speed at which a project move. Communication can also dramatically impact the happiness of the client, affecting future projects and referrals. The good news is that new trends are showing that increasing communication across all groups on a construction project can increase productivity but up to 35%.

But what is the best way to go about increasing your communication and what tools are at our disposal? Our Host Mike Merrill invites Ron Nussbaum Founder and CEO of Nuttnest to discuss how communication can make or break your customer’s happiness and project productivity, the perceptions that need to be changed inside of construction and the technology you can use to increase communication without increasing everyone’s workload.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The customer needs to quickly get to the right person to answer the question they have. Typically after a project is started the only person that a client has the contact information for is the salesperson or the estimator. Both of these people do not have the information that most clients are seeking after a project is underway. Contractors need to make sure that clients know who to speak to for answers to avoid getting the run around which quickly can lead to dissatisfaction with a healthy job site.
  2. The best way to communicate with your client is through direct kindness. People expect contractors to be either evasive or so direct that they come across as jerks. And both options are not the best way to communicate. Instead, be direct, aim to give information as clearly as possible to avoid confusion, and filter it through kindness. Act and speak as though you care that they understand and that you care if they are happy.
  3. Technology is your best option to speak to your clients in their “language” You can be the best communicator but the reality is that clients do not speak the same way tradesmen do and will only get frustrated by you communicating in any way that confuses or belittles. Technology is the best bet to simplify communication and present it in a way that is easy to digest and follow for anyone used to social media or the internet.