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November 11, 2020

Construction Management Skills for Tomorrow

Dusty jeans, a dingy t-shirt and a cigarette is an old-school caricature of a construction manager. Still, the stereotype carries over. This irks construction leaders, since they know it’s critical how their team represents their business on job sites. That’s also why Damien Edwards, founder of and the Host of The Construction Management Podcast, is here to remind us all that appearances matter.

Today’s episode of the Mobile Workforce Podcast is all about how your team represents you and the skills construction managers need to be successful in the eyes of your clients. Damien gives contractors ideas on how to change up the appearance of their job site to encourage success while guiding newbies on the steps it takes to stand out when management positions are available.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The old-school look doesn’t work. Clients will judge the quality of the work by how your team presents themselves and the job site. Sloppy appearances imply sloppy work. Encourage your team to aim for a more tucked in look and avoid the dreaded plumbers crack.
  2. You are always representing two brands. Every time you show up at the job site, you are representing the company you work for and your own personal brand of work. The good news is that when you represent one to the best of your ability, you automatically are promoting the other to the fullest.
  3. He who has the best data… wins. Everyone is collecting data, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and clients. If you aren’t tracking your interactions with everyone on the job site, you will lose any disagreements or, if it came down to it, in court.