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June 18, 2021

The State of Construction Technology and Digitization in 2021

There’s no denying construction technology is changing the industry for the better, so it’s no surprise companies are increasingly implementing software solutions and digitizing their processes. Curious where you stand in this migration toward digitization and what you need to be at the top of the game?

James Benham is more than an expert in construction technology. He’s the founder and CEO of JBKnowledge, TerraClaim and hosts two podcasts, The ConTech Crew and The InsureTech Geek Podcast.

In this episode of the Mobile Workforce Podcast, host Mike Merrill welcomes James to discuss the state of construction technology today. They touch on who is using it, what they’re using it for, how construction technologies streamline business and improve the bottom line.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Prioritize consolidating your technology. Contractors are using a high number of apps to manage the complexities of today’s projects. But using too many apps can tack on unnecessary administrative time and add to the confusion. Moving forward, contractors should be actively looking for new ways to simplify their tech-stack for their employees.
  2. Consider the low-hanging fruit. It is easy to assume that technology needs to make sweeping changes to your business to make a difference. And while solutions that tackle major problems are invaluable, there are also a number of big improvements and profits that can be impacted from small simple changes. Finding a solution that saves workers five minutes in their day, for example, automating payroll and job code tracking, leads to increased profitability with hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings, in some cases, millions.
  3. Automation is the way forward. The four B’s of technology will be the driving force of change in construction over the next few years. They are: Business Intelligence (BI), Blockchain,  Business Information Modeling (BIM) and Big Data. If you are aware of how your technology incorporates each of them, you will be lightyears ahead and can quickly adapt each for your business. If you’re not familiar, make time to learn about these offerings and how they influence your technology – and benefit your business.