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April 2, 2021

Live Field Data Protects Your Budget

Technology permeates every aspect of the construction job site, giving contractors better control of their projects, workforces, safety and budgets. And while creating financially efficient job sites can be a tall order, live field data is a reliable way to get on track. With so many ways live field data streamlines business and increases profits, we decided to go straight to the experts to break things down.  

Jimmy Gabbard is the IT Manager at Potter Concrete and Austin Chiapuzio is a Systems Engineer at Flair Data Systems. They join the podcast to talk about an exciting data management project they’ve been working on –– collecting live field data from all of Potter Concrete’s job sites. In this episode, they share how construction teams can leverage data, hands-on reporting and how live field data can protect your construction budget.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Review your processes to identify inefficiencies. The first step to ensure a financially efficient job site is to pour over your processes. This begins by analyzing live field data, which gives you the ability to see all of your teams, projects and jobs –– the very things that impact your budget the most.
  2. Get prepared to implement new technology. When construction companies decide to invest in live field data, they can’t assume it’s like an on/off switch. The implementation of any new system or software requires putting a plan in place. This means understanding what information is needed on the job site and how you are going to incorporate your current standard operating procedure.
  3. Stay focused on your budget. Even with the top technology at your fingertips, you can’t make the most of it if you aren’t asking the right questions. What data do you need access to? What are the implications for my budget? Will this data allow me to make better decisions? When you stay focused on your budget, and what impacts it, you’ll better understand how live field data can improve your business.