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August 13, 2021

How IoT Technology is Making the Construction Site Smarter

Construction technology doesn’t just track your budget and gives you information on the progress of your projects. Technology is now integrated with your equipment giving feedback on utilization, early alerts, and warnings. Ajoy Krishnamoorthy joins host Mike Merrill to explain how the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the job site forever. Ajoy is the Executive Vice President of Products and Chief Strategy Officer at Acumatica, the leading cloud ERP provider.

Ajoy has a deep background in technology including almost a decade at Microsoft. He launched his own award-winning app, and is now coming up on a decade in the construction industry. In this episode, Ajoy and Mike cover how IoT works, how it’s impacting the construction industry, its relationship to machine learning and AI, and how to best approach investing in this important technology.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Sensors on key equipment decrease maintenance costs and increase safety. Sensor technology isn’t just a heat sensor on your HVAC or boiler units anymore. Sensors can maintain and monitor the usage of any mechanical equipment that is on the jobsite. Sensors can also be used in conjunction with cameras to ensure that the proper safety equipment is being used. They can immediately ping the worker, and supervisor when rules aren’t being followed as both a reminder and to document the warning.
  2. Machine learning can be utilized to your advantage. Machine learning used to be an overwhelming or scary idea but the reality is that it permeates every aspect of modern life. Every time a website predicts something you want to see or buy- that is machine learning. The same concept can be utilized on the job site with live field data. The programs can begin to predict your next move based on past experience allowing for a smooth transition between tasks.
  3. Integrated tech stacks are needed to reach peak efficiency. Technology like IoT and live field data are a much more obtainable investment in your business. It is important to guarantee that you getting the greatest ROI on all of your technology investments by ensuring that each piece of the puzzle integrates, talks and works with everything else you have. That’s your tech stack. When your entire stack communicates with one another, everyone on your team is empowered to accomplish their goals at the highest level with maximum efficiency.