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September 17, 2021

How CRM Systems are Supporting the Modern Day Contractor

Managing your previous, current and future customers can be overwhelming for any business. Especially in the construction business when there are a million other things that require your attention immediately. Fortunately, there is a type of software out there that can manage and automate the process of staying connected with your customers – a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Having a CRM is fundamental to any modern contractor. Today’s guest is an expert on CRM systems and the ins and outs of how a CRM can change your business.

Nick Peret is the Founder and CEO of Summa Media – a marketing and technology company that specializes in helping roofers grow their businesses with technology. Nick shares his knowledge of how to get on top of managing your business, leads and clients. He also explains how a CRM system greatly increases your business’s ability to manage communications, convert leads into clients and ensure that important connections aren’t lost.

Key Takeaways:

  1. A CRM is used to manage leads and clients for every business of every size.  A CRM centralizes every lead from every source in one place where they are tracked and every action is recorded and shared with the entire sales and leadership team. This means that every call, text and email is documented so no one is double contacted or completely ignored. A proper CRM system keeps your business from losing out on engaging with your customers, creating and saving new business opportunities.
  2. Setting up your tech stack properly gives you a competitive edge over the competition. Being willing to spend the money and time to create the right setup cuts down on the chaos in a business. The right technology gives leaders clarity into what marketing campaigns are working, a deep understanding of what it takes for each lead to be created and how to best make sure that each lead is pursued and followed up on without increasing the busy work for the team.
  3. Take advantage of automation to take tasks off your team’s plate. Every platform available today gives automation options for tasks from client proposals to labor-management tracking. For every automation your team is not using, productivity is suffering. For example, having an automated proposal process eliminates busy work for your sales team. Without it, they waste time off the phone or out of meetings building a proposal by hand instead of closing new deals. An automated system gives your team their time back, giving them the opportunity to perform the work that they are skilled at instead of the busy work that their position creates.