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May 6, 2022

Driving Accuracy Off and On The Job Site For Maximum Profitability

The complexity of doing business in construction is at an all time high. On top of that the current market is simply going to require that contractors are more engaged, have a clear understanding of their business and fight to squeeze out as much productivity out of their jobs as possible. The good news is technology can drive your productivity and bring success to your business, if done appropriately.

Tyler Hoppe, Controller at HBS Painting joins our host, Mike Merrill, to discuss the importance of Technology in driving revenue, maintaining profits and keeping up productivity on and off the job site. Tyler also shares best practices for a family business and how to keep work and life separate.

Key Takeaways

  1. Productivity can only improve if focused on. You can only change what you measure and the change needed to improve productivity requires hand on, eyes on from all leadership to drive the business forward towards the outcomes needed. If your are not reporting and tracking your data in a meaningful way – that is in a easy to understand, timely and trusted manner – then your leadership team will be blind in there assessments.
  2. Technology doesn’t just solve your problems because it is new or flashy. Having a realistic understanding of the capabilities of any new technology will help keep expectations in check and ensure that implementation of any new software goes smoothly. No app alone will solve your problems but knowing how to best use the apps that you need will.
  3. Going paperless and live tracking removes waste by removing paper products and exposes unproductive activity and lost materials. Digital forms remove the need for bills and reports to be printed in triplicate. It keeps everyone up to speed on any changes immediately removing confusion and out of date information. And it also catches the errors that paper based tracking would never be able to catch in time.