CYA Forms Visibility

| April 8, 2016

CYA with Mobile Safety Forms’ Visibility

CYA Forms Visibility

Mobile Safety Forms’ Global Visibility Reduces Risks
Part 2 of 4

By: Shannon Corgan, Director of Marketing


If you missed Part 1 of our Mobile Safety Forms for OSHA compliance blog, you can check it out here.

In the past, OSHA inspections were limited to just the facility where the safety issues were being investigated. With the recent ruling, that’s no longer the case. If you find a safety risk at one location, OSHA is now making you responsible for fixing those issues at all of your locations, regardless if they’ve inspected your other locations. 

How can you reduce your risk? Businesses need to share all of their safety issues across their entire organization and remedy any concerns in all of their locations. How can this be accomplished? Many companies are using mobile safety forms to complete injury reports for OSHA recordkeeping and they are doing it in real-time.

All of the company employees who are responsible for safety management and compliance now have access to all of the OSHA records from a centralized database. These records can be accessed on any mobile device like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and iPads. They can also be alerted as soon as the safety or injury form has been completed.

As soon as the safety and compliance team is alerted of a safety risk, they can now go into action mode and inspect their location to ensure those risks aren’t present at any of their job locations. Mobile forms solutions are much more powerful than basic electronic or digital forms. They can now be completed from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc.) by your safety and compliance teams, employees or on-site. What’s great about using mobile forms on mobile devices is that these site inspection forms automatically include the date, time and location of when they were completed.

Mobile forms can also be set up with intelligent workflows to automatically notify the HR department or safety and compliance officers of the company as soon as a mobile safety or injury form is completed. In addition, you can gather all of your safety documentation within the mobile form and include photos, videos and voice notes. These forms with the rich media help create an audit trail, so that if any questions arise, businesses can search the forms and have all the documentation embedded in the form and find the information quickly across their entire organization.

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