7 Ways to Make Supervisors Lives Easier

| May 10, 2017

7 Ways to Make Supervisors’ Lives Easier with Employee Time Tracking

7 Ways to Make Supervisors Lives Easier

7 Ways to Make Supervisors’ Lives Easier with Employee Time Tracking
By Shannon Corgan, Director of Marketing 


Are you tired of herding cats? Do you feel like a professional wrangler? It’s the end of the pay period and it’s time for you to review, approve, and submit your employees’ time and pay to the payroll department before you start receiving those nasty-grams from payroll saying that you’re late again and your employees may not get paid on time. You may be collecting time cards on scraps of paper, you can’t read the handwriting or they forgot to input times for a shift. Your job is tough because you are constantly managing teams that are either in and out of the office or you’re traveling to multiple job locations or meeting with clients outside of the office.

The biggest change you would like to see in 2017 is to simplify your life and spend more time at work doing the things you love instead of nagging everyone, right? Would you like to spend less time on administrative time and labor tracking tasks, so you can actually take that vacation on the beach you’ve been wanting? 

There’s an easy way to accomplish this. Throw out the spreadsheets and paper time cards and start putting your employees’ smart phones and tablets to use. You can now work smarter and not harder with an employee time tracking solution on your employees’ smart phone or using their smarts on their desktop computer, tablet or iPad.

When was the last time your employee was without their phone? It seems like today people seem to panic if they don’t have their smart phone with them at all times. You want to make your employees lives simpler by tracking their time and tasks with a few clicks on their smart phone or back at the office. They don’t have to remember what time they came in, went to lunch, or left for the day. They can do it right from their phone and it’s so easy.

Once you make it simple for your employees to track their time, it makes your job even easier. By using the leading employee time tracking solution, you can quickly allocate your employee’s time to the right project or task for accurate job costing or you can have your employees track their tasks during the workday. No more having to fix which client or project your staff is charging their time. With an automated time tracking solution, like WorkMax TIME, your employees can change the clients or projects they allocate their time to

Labor is the single largest cost for most businesses, it’s imperitive to track time and labor accurately.

Here’s a list of 7 ways an employee time tracking solution makes supervisor’s lives easier: 

1. You can clock IN your entire crew with a few clicks at the beginning of the shift, OUT for lunch and then clock OUT for the end of the day. Clocking employees IN and OUT in real-time is by far the most accurate way to manage labor. This way you know your employees’ hours are precise and accurate for the day and you can do it for your whole crew to save you time and make your job easier.

iPad Time Group

2. You can quickly approve your crews’ time on your your mobile device by clicking a few buttons. No more trying to remember who did what and no more hand cramps from signing each employee’s signature with paper time cards or individually going into each record to approve your employees’ time.

WorkMax iPhone Approve Time Copy


3. In addition to supervisor approvals, your employees can approve their own time with their digital signature. Supervisors can also log into the control center from any web-browser to do mass approvals or to quickly see who has approved their time worked. This way you know your employees have agreed to the time they’ve submitted and it’s all signed off prior to payroll processing. 

Employee Signature and Supervisor Approval


4. No Service? No problem! WorkMax mobile devices can run completely disconnected and approvals can be done for the time on the mobile device whether you have a connection or not. All of your synced time records from your mobile apps land in the web-based WorkMax Control Center, so you can access and approve your employees’ time from anywhere, anytime and on any device. No more driving to the office to approve time from software installed on a specific computer or driving to the office to drop off the time cards to submit to payroll.

WorkMax iPhone Approve Time Copy


5. Keeping accurate job costs, with time, task and units completed helps complete your projects on time and on budget. Through the web-based WorkMax Control Center, you can visually allocate labor costs to a project and task for your whole crew. Our memory isn’t as great at the end of a work week or at the end of a long shift and unfortunately, the numbers tend to be estimates. With WorkMax TIME you get the ultimate accuracy with actual numbers and not estimates. Allocating time to the right projects and tasks is easy with WorkMax TIME. ipad air Allocate

6. From the mobile device employees clock in and out on, supervisors can review your employees’ hours virtually in real time to make sure you’re on track for your projects. 

Supervisors See Employee Hours at a Glance


7. WorkMax supports three powerful employee time tracking workflows to help your teams track time efficiently including: Real-Time, Real-Time + Allocate and Digital-Time.

One of the most popular WorkMax time tracking workflows is the “Real-Time + Allocate” workflow. This is when individual employees clock IN and OUT for the day and then their supervisor easily breaks down their hours into tasks and units. You can also do bulk allocation in the WorkMax Control Center to allocate time, tasks and units for multiple employees… all in one quick process.  

 Copy of At a glance From the office see whats happening in real time with Clock INs2FOUTs GPS locations and Geofencing. 2

I’m sure you’d love to spend less time on administrative employee time tracking tasks and get back to the jobs you love doing. WorkMax TIME makes it like a day at the beach with access to real-time labor metrics. You can also manage your projects from the beach on any mobile device, if you want to. I highly recommend it. 

If you liked this blog, check out the three different ways you can capture your employee’s time tracking. WorkMax supports three powerful time tracking workflows. Some of you aren’t looking for real-time data capture with real-time job cost allocation. With WorkMax TIME, you have three convenient ways to capture your employees’ time to get the level of accuracy that you want. 

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