5 5 Employee time tracking must haves WorkMax

| September 20, 2016

5 Employee Time Tracking Must Haves

5 5 Employee time tracking must haves WorkMax

5 Employee Time Tracking Must-Haves 

Deciding which employee time tracking solution is right for you can be time consuming. There are so many things to consider, but have you thought about what you need to make sure you’ll find a solution that fits your business needs now and is flexible enough to grow with your business? To make the process easier for you, we created a list of the five things you must have for employee time tracking. 

1. Multiple Workflows

Most employee time tracking software systems make businesses mold to it. Find a solution that fits your business, one with multiple time collection and allocation workflows. The best solutions allow your employees and/or supervisors to enter or allocate time in real-time or after the fact. Pick one workflow or a mix of them. Take advantage of the ultimate flexibility with workflows like real-time entry & allocation, real-time entry & after the fact allocation, or even after the fact time entry & allocation with digital time sheets. 

2.  Unlimited Pay Rules and Pay Periods

Not many employee time tracking systems have the flexibility to add as many pay periods, shift rules or overtime rules to automate accurate time calculation. You never know where your business might expand and you need a system that is flexible enough to automate pay periods, shift rules, and overtime rules. An automated employee time tracking solution that integrates with your payroll and accounting systems reduces errors, out of cycle payroll runs and risk for lawsuits. You will want to find a system that grows with your business and simplifies calculations.

3.  Setup User Access by Location, User Role, Individually and More

Not all employee time tracking solutions allow you to set user roles and permission by user role, location and /or individual permissions. Find a solution that puts you in control to set up the data how you want your users to see it. This saves employees’ time by filtering what they can see to quickly enter time and tasks in the field.

4. Easy Time, Location and Task Allocation

Find an employee time tracking system that’s easy to use for employees and supervisors. Pick a solution that’s simple to allocate time to the right project and/or activity in real time or after the fact for job cost accuracy. Find a system that allows supervisors to clock in/out a group of employees to a project or allocate tasks to save time. You’ll also want to make sure that employees can clock in and out and switch between different projects and tasks throughout the day in a few clicks. 

5. Simple Time Tracking and Calculating When Employees Change Tasks and Projects in a Day. 

Let your employees focus on their work and select a solution that’s easier to use than an ATM machine. Whether time records come in from different time zones, or even completely out of order, a top system will know exactly what to do with them and accurately calculate who did what, how long they did the activity, and when they did the work. Time and job cost accuracy should never be a worry.