WorkMax mobile safety FORMS Harvest Energy Services Slideshow

Harvest Energy Services’ Safety Program Goes Digital with WorkMax FORMS

Find out how mobile forms transformed Harvest Energy Services safety management program by viewing the slide show below. Their manual processes were cumbersome and required many steps. Before WorkMax mobile FORMS, safety forms were not completed on time and forced the field technicians to take pictures of the forms or scan the documents later when the forms were finally completed. The safety management process was further delayed when signatures or critical data were missing on those forms. With WorkMax mobile FORMS, they made their process much more efficient and were able to gather critical safety information in real time. It was so much easier for the field technicians to document and complete their mobile safety forms because there were picklist options, required fields for signatures and they could embed photos with markup and videos into the mobile form. It was simple to share the safety forms information and could automatically be emailed to everyone that needed access the safety forms. 

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