Time and Labor Management

Accurately manage time and attendance, overtime, union, and Job costing


Manage time and attendance, overtime, union, and Job costing with real-time mobile reporting and compliance. Reduce admin time by 90% while gaining compliance with local, federal and owner regulations and requirements. Expedite billing to improve cash flow and budget accuracy.


Time and Attendance

Automate Time and Attendance
Reduce time and attendance admin time/costs by 90% plus. Maximize productivity, automate routine tasks including time collection, time approval, and running timesheets. Respond to requests and manage exceptions in a single solution.

Quick, Accurate, Time Tracking
Input hours worked for individuals or entire crews inside the app, apply to cost codes, allocate OT, RT, or DT. Roll over duplicate hours. Improve insights every day on how time is spent.

Manage Overtime
Simplify RT, OT, and DT. Allocate regular hours, overtime, or double time in a single tap. Minimize disputes over hours and categories—make changes in the app as they happen in the field. The rest is done automatically. Make tracking employee time and billable hours simple.

Empower Crews and Individuals
Leverage time tracking software to bulk upload crews and allocate hours to entire teams. Include GC, Subcontractor, and Engineering time across the entire organization.

Add members from the app or edit hours for an individual who stayed late or got to work early.

Roll over hours for duplicate work each day, and export and integrate time reports with existing applications for smooth payroll processing and time card management.

Reporting and Compliance

Improve Owner, Stakeholder Communication and Compliance
Timesheet standards eliminate double entry, reducing data input time while improving Owner/Contractor collaboration. Real time productivity, units, quantities, man hours, and daily progress is managed on mobile dashboards.

Payroll Compliance
Minimize and eliminate compliance risks. Simplify the management of multiple union, shift, cost code, and pay type rules. Automate the calculations of hours, overtime, holidays and certified payroll including prevailing wage calculations. Manage subcontractor compliance for current certifications, training, permits, insurance to remove risk.

Simplify Local and Regional Compliance
Satisfy complex local and regional payroll law compliance including numerous California payroll and employment laws. Simplify multi-union requirements, minimum wage, and non-exempt worker reporting. Meet rest break and meal break requirements. Comply with discharged worker pay. Manage State and federal OSHA requirements. Meet “working off the clock” requirements.

3 - Control Center Productivity

GPS Tracking

Improve Time Accuracy with GPS
Built for contractors to create accurate timesheets using the industry’s most precise GPS tracking - reduce payroll costs while increasing profits on projects with improved visibility and accuracy. With over 20 years experience of mobile time and attendance management, WorkMax is the most advanced, flexible, and accurate solution in the industry.

Eliminate Labor Waste
GPS technology designed for field crews tracks exactly when each team member arrives and departs at every site visited throughout the day, along with job costs and productivity.

Job Costing

Reduce Job Cost Allocation and Payroll Processing Time
Reduce payroll processing and job cost allocation time from days to minutes with smart payroll and allocation automation while maintaining approval workflows. Anytime allocation enables teams the ability to quickly allocate time and job costs during and after shifts.

Manage Multiple Resource Rates
Create multiple resource rates for each wage zone and geographic area. Simplify union wage management with multiple union wage rules and regions.

Field Time

Any Device in the Field
Turn employee smartphones into paperless timesheets. Automatically log hours worked, job units, quantities completed, locations and more in real-time.

Simple. Easy for Workers
Designed for the user to clock in and collect job site information with just a few taps.

Permission Based Simplicity
Assign job permissions by Individual, Department, Division, or Employee Group simplifying field use with access to areas specific to assigned areas.

One Step Dual Language Simplicity
Easy to use multi-language interface expedites payroll in minutes in multiple languages including Spanish.

Facial Recognition AI
Increase security and eliminate "buddy-punching" using patented facial technology.

Employees clock IN, change TASKS and punch OUT, with facial recognition.
Pictures are captured along with time stamps. Photos are auto-scanned with intelligent face-matching technology to find and flag any suspect time records.

Facial recognition can also be turned on or off for each employee or subcontractor.