Galindo & Boyd’s Digital Transformation Strategy Saves $1,079,505

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Digital Transformation Strategy Needed Due To Rapid Expansion

Galindo & Boyd’s skilled trade workers had long filled out paper time cards. Employees photographed time cards and sent them to the payroll team each day. The payroll team manually keyed the data into iSolved for payroll and JOBPOWER for job costing. At the time, Galindo & Boyd had about 100 employees and its payroll process took two-and-a-half days each week to complete.

Daily payroll deadlines for time cards were missed. Time records for new employees were missing or unknown employees submitted hours. Besides experiencing missed timecard deadlines, the payroll team had to track down project foremen to verify if the submitted hours were legitimate and contact human resources to confirm the new hire paperwork had been completed. The payroll and management team wanted a better way to track its employees’ time that was easily verifiable and not reliant on an employee’s handwritten time cards.

The company also faced challenges with receiving change orders from the field employees when there was a change to the project scope. Field employees often received verbal feedback from a project’s general contractor to alter the scope of work and completed the work. Without a signed change order form, Galindo & Boyd struggled to bill for the work that was out-of-scope.

Galindo & Boyd also had a hard time maintaining an accurate asset inventory. The company had a manual equipment inventory processes with paper, spreadsheets and disconnected systems. For example, the company’s field supervisors purchased tools and equipment on a company credit card because they couldn’t find it to check it out. They only knew about the new tool and equipment purchases after-the-fact when they received expense reports. The company had no way of identifying if a field supervisor was constantly repurchasing the same piece of equipment and why it was needed. Additionally, some tools and equipment weren’t barcoded and tracked properly, and they remained unaccounted for.

In the last few years, Galindo & Boyd expanded into the Houston market and acquired Arahed Lathing, Corp in San Antonio, which tripled the company’s number of employees from about 100 to over 300 in a short time. It became unmanageable to rely on paper time cards and forms to manage field data collection, and Galindo & Boyd needed a better solution to manage its growing business. They knew that digitizing their time tracking, field reporting, and equipment tracking would be the digital transformation they needed.

Key WorkMax Features Critical to Digital Transformation Strategy

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Allocated Jobs Costs Faster


Collected Hours in Real Time


GPS Location on Clock In or Out


Face Recognition Cut Labor Costs


Visibility Into Asset Inventory


Reduced Safety Risks


Expedited Change Orders


Accurate Daily Log Reports

Galindo & Boyd Chose WorkMax TIME, WorkMax FORMS, WorkMax ASSETS for its Digital Transformation Strategy

Galindo & Boyd selected cloud-based WorkMax TIME for its employee time tracking solution. The company wanted to streamline its time tracking processes to increase the accuracy of its payroll. After implementing WorkMax TIME, project foremen across multiple job sites clocked in and out every field employee using face recognition on a mobile-device’s rear facing camera.

Galindo & Boyd used a unique cost code for each of their services. Using WorkMax TIME, project foremen, supervisors, and superintendents tracked labor hours in real-time and allocated them to the right cost code much faster than with paper and much more accurately also.

With WorkMax FORMS, Galindo & Boyd also streamlined and digitized all its incident and daily field reports along with a variety of other forms including work and change orders and drivers’ logs. A key feature that improved the data quality was the ability to provide forms in either Spanish or English in WorkMax FORMS. Project foremen now filed their daily field reports right from their mobile devices that automatically emailed copies to the general contractor for the project. WorkMax FORMS also placed change orders for out-of-scope items in the hands of all of Galindo & Boyd’s field employees. Employees instantly filled out a change order and collected an e-signature from the general contractor and sent it to the accounting to expedite billing.

Galindo & Boyd’s drivers also used WorkMax FORMS to file daily log reports. They customized  WorkMax FORMS to track the many stops throughout the day picking up equipment and materials from warehouse and vendors before delivering them to various job sites.

For safety incident reports, WorkMax FORMS eased the documentation process. The foremen entered incident reports in real-time, took photographs and digitally recorded the incident’s details, and provided any necessary safety remedies. The company also used WorkMax FORMS to reduce COVID-19 risks on job sites. Employees were prompted with a health screening form on their mobile device as they clocked in or out to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the field. Using WorkMax FORMS, Galindo & Boyd’s project foremen also photographed the job site and showed the company following the COVID-19 safety precautions for PPE and handwashing stations. WorkMax FORMS mitigated any OSHA or litigation risks and made it easy to do.

Galindo & Boyd also utilized WorkMax ASSETS to manage its tool and equipment inventory. From the warehouse to the job site, WorkMax ASSETS provided a more accurate list of the tools and equipment along with their location. With WorkMax ASSETS, the company had its tools and equipment information in one, easily accessible place, including warranty information and maintenance logs.

“Some business investments take years to see an ROI; With WorkMax TIME, FORMS and ASSETS, we saw a savings of over $1M within 12 months.”

Rebecca Gates, Human Resources/Payroll

Galindo & Boyd's Return on Investment


Galindo & Boyd’s Digital Transformation Strategy Worked

Digitized Field Data Drove Productivity, Slashed Labor Costs, and Expedited Change Orders

WorkMax TIME’s intuitive user interface reduced the time it took for foreman, supervisors, and superintendents to allocate the labor hours to the right cost code. They allocated labor hours to the right cost code in the field on their mobile devices in real time faster than with paper or spreadsheets. The time savings resulted in a direct labor cost savings of $23,660 in the first year.

WorkMax TIME, WorkMax FORMS, WorkMax ASSETS, Galindo & Boyd streamlined its growing operations across multiple office locations and a multitude of job sites. By eliminating the use of paper time cards and integrating WorkMax TIME, which synced with the company’s payroll and job costs software systems, the Galindo & Boyd’s payroll process decreased to 1.5 days a week, or 40-50% less time. It also directly improved the accuracy of the labor hours. WorkMaxTIME immediately eliminated guesstimates of hours worked. Within the first year, Galindo & Boyd saved $254,592 in direct labor hours for their field employees with face recognition, GPS, and real-time entry of hours. An even greater benefit to them was that they no longer had missing time cards trickle in after payroll deadlines with WorkMax TIME. In addition, WorkMax TIME brought clarity to overtime hours tracking. By collecting field employee’s time in real time and using face recognition and GPS, WorkMax delivered overtime savings of $801,253 in the first 12 months.

The ability to and quickly capture e-signatures on change orders from general contractors approve a change order form through WorkMax FORMS, often within 24 hours, Before WorkMax, it took up to a week for three to four paper change orders to get from the field to the office. When they missed a billing cut off, it impacted the company’s cash flow. Using WorkMax, they increased the number of change orders to 4-5 per month with e-signatures from mobile devices and received them the same day. Billing was expedited and improved their cash flow.

WorkMax FORMS has also eased the information exchange among Galindo & Boyd’s workforce and has led to increased time savings on the front and back end of its operations. Meanwhile, WorkMax ASSETS enabled the company to catalog its entire tool and equipment inventory. Overall, Galindo & Boyd saw a savings of $1,079,505 in the first 12 months of utilizing WorkMax – and the company has only continued to build upon those savings to this day. With over $1M in cost savings from direct labor hours and overtime hours by using WorkMax TIME, Galindo & Boyd’s return on investment was a staggering 4997%.