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  • What is the WorkMax Platform?

    WorkMax development started in 2014. We have applied everything we learned from the AboutTime Enterprise product and used that experience to design, engineer and deliver the ultimate web-based resource management solution. Not just one monolithic product, but a complete platform of independent modules (solutions) to let our customers get exactly what they need today and in the future. These modules are built to work alone if desired and outperform other TIME, FORMS, ASSETS, B.I. products on the market as individual products. When combined they are even more powerful via one app, one database and one system to learn... where everything plays nice.
  • On-Premise vs. Hosted vs. True Web Solutions:

    AboutTime Enterprise is an on-premise solution where software is installed at a customer's site or on the customer's servers, which are updated and maintained by the customer. In attempt to get to the "cloud" quickly, some software vendors simply host their same old existing on-premise solution, then brand it as a cloud solution. They are essentially selling the same product to their customers through a subscription model. WorkMax is not "AboutTime Enterprise - Hosted" but rather it is a completely new web-based platform that is built with the latest and most powerful technology.
  • Will the WorkMax Platform Replace AboutTime Enterprise Suite?

    The demand from the market is increasingly moving towards the cloud, we now offer two best-of-breed product solutions. Many AboutTime customers are very excited to know we have a powerful web strategy in place, the WorkMax Platform provides many distinct advantages.
  • Will WorkMax integrate with my accounting as AboutTime does?

    Yes, most likely. Connect Max is used to integrate WorkMax with your accounting or ERP solution.
  • What about security and reliability of my WorkMax data?

    WorkMax is hosted through Amazon AWS, providing WorkMax customers the advantage of a scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure, the virtual backbone of’s multi-billion dollar online business that has been honed for over a decade. Read More
  • Are there any discounts available for AboutTime customers that switch to WorkMax?

  • Are all features and function identical between AboutTime and WorkMax?

    No, not one-to-one. They are completely different products. Many of the most commonly used features in AboutTime are also included in the WorkMax platform modules. There are also many enhancements and new features in WorkMax that are not available in AboutTime. AboutTime customers will want to look at a complete demo of the WorkMax platform to ensure it fits their needs. Read More
  • What about setup, implementation, product updates and ongoing maintenance?

    Many AboutTime customers have made the switch. Because WorkMax is web-based the setup/install/implementation process is drastically streamlined and improved in WorkMax. New customers can start learning and using the system the same day they purchase WorkMax. A major advantage to web-based solutions is agility with product updates, with WorkMax we can get product fixes, enhancements and features out to customers MUCH quicker, without additional pain and disruption.
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Daily tasks made easier

WorkMax Platform delivers distinct access advantages

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Get answers anytime

Keep tabs on your business from your pocket. Access critical WorkMax resource management information to get the answers you need 24/7/365.

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Share with Key People

Anyone can easily access your WorkMax Control Center remotely to collaborate, help answer questions or quickly fix problems.

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Work from anywhere

Turn a spare moment into a productive minute. Now your team can get work done and keep the business running smooth from anywhere, even while on the go.

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Get exactly what your business needs

WorkMax is a platform of modular solutions, you pick and choose exactly what you need. Access with one login and one unified app, where everything plays nice.

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Access on a PC and Mac

With WorkMax, you and your team can access the Control Center on either iOS or Windows. Finally, something Mac and PC people can agree on.

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Less data entry

WorkMax mobile app data streams into the Control Center so now all your captured data is already neatly entered, accurate and automatically organized.

Assets Box Button GTIME tracking made easier

WorkMax TIME for as low as $667 per user per month. (less AboutTime Icon Green Red AboutTime customer discount)



How do you want to capture TIME and labor? Whether you want real-time punch IN and OUT OR digital timesheet entry OR real-time + allocate tasks later… WorkMax has you covered.


ss GPS
GPS technology in WorkMax TIME is sophisticated and incredibly battery conscious. As timestamps stream into the Control Center, now you know with certainty the right people were in the right place at the right time.

THE HOLY GRAILss face recognition


Biometrics without hardware? The WorkMax Control Center can compare timestamp photos with computing intelligence and accurate facial recognition algorithms while auto-flagging suspicious time records.

Assets Box Button GFORMS made easier

WorkMax FORMS for as low as $1195 per user per month. (less AboutTime Icon Green Red AboutTime customer discount)


Forms build ss


 Extensive design and engineering went into enhancing the user experience with the WorkMax FORMS builder. It is so easy, anyone in your company can easily learn to build and deploy digital forms in minutes.


Forms media ss


Apply specific FORMS conditions and logic to trigger new form questions or to trigger new forms to be presented, based on answers to prior questions. Getting the right forms filled out every time, just got much easier.


Forms CC ss


Capture GPS, add embedded tables with calulations, triggered questions, triggered sub-forms, signatures, auto-associations to locations, tasks, employees and easily auto-share completed forms.


Assets Box Button GASSET tracking made easier

WorkMax ASSETS for as low as $895 per user per month. (less AboutTime Icon Green RedAboutTime customer discount)


ss Assets CC

Cover Your Assets From Anywhere

Now your teams can manage and access your complete company asset inventory from the field, the shop, the office or in between. All your valuable assets neatly organized and managed from a central location.


ss Assets Usage CC ss

Capture and Share Accurate Asset Usage 

 Capture and track accurate asset usage as it happens (or after the fact) from anywhere providing quicker, more accurate billing. Measuring accurate asset usage, maintenance and asset ROI has never been easier. 


ss Assets Assignment CC ss

Decrease Asset Loss

Who has it? Where is it? How long has it been there? When is it due back? Now anyone on your team can access, view and even assign assets to the right people and the right place. Instant answers from anywhere.

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