Solution Comparison

Solution Comparison
Pricing Model Includes support & maintenance Upfront + 20% annual fee support & maintenance
Anywhere, Anytime Access No
Automatic Control Center Updates No
Product Enhancements Maintenance Releases
Purchase History Visibility No
Database Backups & Protection Automatic Customer Responsibility
Maintenance AboutTime Technologies Customer Responsibility
Server Cost & Licensing Included Customer Responsibility
SYNC Technology Built-in Separate App
Self-add & Account Management Customers can self-add and Transfer Licenses Limited
Expandable Platform Modules (TIME, FORMS, ASSETS, and INSIGHT) No
MAC and PC Compatible PC Only
Share and Collaborate Web Login If installed on machine
What is WorkMax?

WorkMax is a web-based remote workforce productivity suite allowing our customers to build automated end-to-end processes to help manage mobile, remote, and local resources. A fully expandable platform of tools allows customers to focus on what matters most — your people, assets, and customers.

What is the main differences of AboutTime and WorkMax?

AboutTime is an on-premise solution where software is installed at a customer's site or on the customer's servers, which are updated and maintained by the customer.

WorkMax is web-based and is built with the latest and most powerful technology (updates are automatic via the cloud).

Will WorkMax replace AboutTime?


Will WorkMax integrate with my accounting as AboutTime does?

Yes, most customers upgrading to WorkMax will not have issues connecting to their accounting solution. If there are integration problems our team will work with you to get it connected.

What about security and reliability of my data?

WorkMax is hosted through Amazon AWS, providing WorkMax customers the advantage of a scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure.

Do AboutTime customers switching to WorkMax get a discount?


Are all features and function identical between AboutTime and WorkMax?

No, not one-to-one. They are completely different products. Many of the most commonly used features in AboutTime are also included in the WorkMax platform. There are many enhancements and new features in WorkMax that are not available in AboutTime. AboutTime customers should look at a complete demo of WorkMax to ensure it fits their needs.

What about setup, implementation, product updates and ongoing maintenance?

The WorkMax setup/install/implementation process is drastically improved and streamlined. A major advantage to web-based solutions is agility with product updates. We can get product fixes, enhancements, and features out to customers much quicker.

Open API No
Connect Max No
Pay Period Protection via Connect Max No
Enhanced Query Builder No
Dynamic Import Export No
Multi-Sheet Export No
Import Export Templates No
Web to Web Integrations No

WorkMax Advantages

Complete Productivity Suite


Improved Communication

See all data LIVE as it happens. Straight from the field to the office.


Increase Accuracy

Gain accurate time stamps and attendance while reducing manual entry and data errors.


Better Decisions

Eliminate guessing with all the compiled data you need to make informed decisions.


Customizable Solution

Choose the modules best suited for your company.


Streamline Workflows

Eliminate manual entries and improve company processes.


Flexible Licensing

Allows you to expand licenses at any time to fit your needs.

Real-Time Workflow
Works Offline
Digital Time Sheet Workflow
Track Production Units
Navigation to Jobs/Projects
Device Jumping
Expandable (FORMS, ASSETS, and INSIGHT) Limited
California Compliant Time Sheet Partial
Digital Time Auto-compiled No
Automatic Data Routing No
Hybrid TIME Workflow No
GPS Location Stamps No
Flex Fields No
Face Recognition No
Employee Groups No
Digital Timesheets No
Customizable Production Units No
Time Zone Support No
Unlimited Pay Periods No
Asset Inventory Limited
Asset Usage Limited
Assignment Visibility Limited
Multiple Assets With TIME Limited
Mobile Asset Transfer No
Enhanced Inventory No
Service Date Tracking No
Rented vs Owned No
Multiple Notes on Assets No
Intuitive FORM Builder No
Clone Forms to Create New No
Embedded Tables No
Annotate/Sketch Pics No
Triggered Sub-forms No
FORMS Routing No
Dynamic Fields No
Save Forms Drafts No

See if WorkMax is a  good solution for your business. Schedule a demo to find out.