World of Concrete 2020 Must Seee Tech WorkMax TIME

| February 5, 2020

World of Concrete 2020 Must-See Technology

World of Concrete 2020 Must Seee Tech WorkMax TIME

World of Concrete 2020: Must-See Technology Partners 

WorkMax TIME’s Top Integration Partners

Shannon Corgan, Director of Marketing 

As you’re walking around the trade show floor at the World of Concrete 2020, don’t forget to check out the Technology for Construction section in the North Hall to see how you can make it easy for your field employees to give you accurate live job cost data for your job cost reporting. One of the most important decision factors in purchasing a live field data collection solution for controllers and financial managers is whether it integrates with their existing accounting solution. You’re in luck because we have a list of the must-see technology at the World of Concrete 2020, so you can find the right live field data collection app that works with your accounting system. You can also talk with the staff of our accounting solution partners at the World of Concrete 2020 to find out why they love WorkMax and tell you how well it integrates with their accounting software.

1. WorkMax TIME – Booth N1146 at World of Concrete 2020

WorkMax TIME integrates with the top accounting systems used by most contractors attending the World of Concrete 2020. This way you can be certain that only active employees are clocking IN/OUT and only active projects, locations, or cost codes have labor hours and production units assigned to them. WorkMax TIME’s permission profiles mirror your organizational structure and project cost structure to show only the relevant job cost data to your field employees for accurate real-time job costs. Controllers and financial managers don’t have to spend hours doing reallocations or spend weeks creating work-in-progress reports. Below is a list of our ERP and accounting integration partners also attending the World of Concrete 2020.

2. Acumatica – Booth N1463 at the World of Concrete 2020

Acumatica Cloud ERP offers a special Construction Edition to meet the needs of the construction industry. Acumatica Construction Edition allows you to manage construction payroll, contract management, financials, and cost estimates from a single subcontractor. Stop by their booth and find out why WorkMax TIME and Acumatica are a great fit to grow with your business.

3. Viewpoint – Booth N1153 at the World of Concrete 2020

Viewpoint has multiple ERP options for contractors attending the World of Concrete 2020. They offer ProContractor by Viewpoint, Vista by Viewpoint, and Spectrum by Viewpoint. Viewpoint provides integrated software solutions for the construction industry to improve project profitability, enhance productivity, manage risk, and effectively collaborate with internal and external stakeholders. Swing on by their booth to say hi and see why WorkMax TIME and Viewpoint solutions have so many happy mutual customers.

4.  Sage – Booth N1263 at the World of Concrete 2020

Sage helps small and medium businesses perform at their best and manages finances, operations, and people. One of WorkMax’s most common accounting integrations is with Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE. It’s one of the top-selling accounting systems for construction, so don’t be shy and stop by the Sage booth at World of Concrete 2020 to find out why the integration works so well for all of our mutual customers.

5. Foundation Software – Booth N1563 at the World of Concrete 202

WorkMax TIME also has a robust integration with Foundation Software. Foundation Software offers construction accounting software for job cost accounting and project management with mobile applications to help construction companies run their businesses. Make sure you stop by their booth and they can tell you why so many of their Foundation Software customers love how well WorkMax and Foundation Software work together.

6. A-Systems Corp – Booth 1650 at the World of Concrete 2020

A-Systems JobView is another top construction accounting system that integrates with WorkMax TIME to provide live job costs. JobView also provides other cost control tools to create daily reports for timely informed decisions. In addition to core accounting features and job cost accounting, A-Systems JobView also manages payroll (certified, union, multi-state), invoicing / AIA billing, importing estimates, change orders, customer management, and more. Check out the case study of our mutual customer, Archer Mechanical, that saved $153,296 in labor costs with WorkMax TIME.

Want to see how easy it is to integrate these top accounting systems? See our full list of integrations and click on their logo to see a video.