Meet WorkMax:

Expand Your WorkMax Experience with Additional Modules

WorkMax offers add-on modules that handle form and asset management within the same system, so your workforce is always connected.

Easily Assemble Reports for Your Team

WorkMax FORMS helps your team create and deploy customizable reports. Easily capture and upload table data, calculations, digital signatures, audio notes, pictures and video footage from any Apple or Android device to your documents.

WorkMax Forms comes with a library of nearly 100 pre-defined forms, including:

Daily Work Log

Daily Compliance Report

Employee Clock In/Out

Employee Performance Review

Change Order Forms


Extra Work Authorization

New Employee Forms

Material Management

Employee Onboarding

Expense Reimbursement Request

Accurately Track Your Company’s Inventory

Monitoring tool life, equipment maintenance and asset ROI has never been easier thanks to WorkMax ASSETS. Whether your equipment is in the field or on the move, you can track company inventory from anywhere.

Routine Maintenance — Extend the life of your tools by implementing a regular maintenance schedule for each asset.

Tool Check In/ Check Out — Easily assign resources to location, employee or project to ensure equipment tracking is accurate.

Centralized Data — Equipment data is stored in a single location so anyone on your team can delegate assets while notifying the rest of the crew.

Mobile Access — Your team can use their mobile device to verify that asset usage coincides with project billing.


Easy to Navigate Database

WorkMax Control Center acts as a portal where every module can communicate seamlessly without implementation hassle. Manage custom forms, labor hours and inventory with real-time visibility from one place.