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| April 9, 2024

Top 5 Ways A Mobile App Can Simplify Time Tracking

Mobile apps have changed the way businesses approach time tracking. Where employers once used punch cards and paper timesheets, they can now save time and increase accuracy with specialized software. If you’re not already using construction mobile time tracking software – or if you’re unhappy with your mobile solution – read on for the top five ways a mobile app can simplify your time tracking.

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Key Article Takeaways

  1. Integration with Accounting and Payroll Software: Mobile time tracking apps seamlessly integrate with accounting and payroll software systems, streamlining the process from labor hours collection to payroll processing.
  2. Location Confirmation with GPS and Geofencing: GPS capabilities and geofencing features ensure employees clock in and out within designated work areas, preventing time fraud and ensuring accurate compensation for time spent on the job site.
  3. Streamlined Time Submittals: With mobile time solutions, employees can record work hours and breaks directly from their smartphones or tablet, increasing accuracy and compliance with labor laws.
  4. Real-time Reporting and Analytics: Mobile time tracking apps provide real-time insights into attendance, project hours and labor costs, empowering employers to make informed decisions about resource allocation, project timelines and workforce management.
  5. Customizable Workflows and Policies: Contractors can customize policies and workflows to meet the specific needs of their organization, allowing employees to designate the type of work they are doing and simplify paperwork.

Integrations With Leading Accounting and Payroll Software

A benefit of these software solutions is integration. Many of these apps integrate seamlessly with accounting and payroll software systems. Using these solutions in tandem with a mobile time tracking app, data can be synced in real time:

  1. First, users will import their data, including jobs, cost codes and employees.
  2. Next, the mobile app will collect labor hours from the field.
  3. Then the hours will get uploaded into the accounting job cost structure.
  4. Finally, the payroll service will receive the information and process payroll with precision.

This eliminates the need for manual- and double-entry – and ultimately reduces the risk of errors as payroll is run. These integrations result in increased efficiency, leading to a more automated workflow and lower administrative overhead.

GPS Location Confirmation

Mobile construction timesheet apps can tap into the GPS capabilities of smartphones and tablets to ensure employees aren’t clocking in and out from their couches. Geofencing is a feature that sets virtual parameters within pre-defined geographical areas.

With geofencing, businesses can ensure employees are clocking in and out within these designated areas. In turn, this prevents time fraud and helps to guarantee employees are compensated for time spent at the work site. Together, GPS tracking and geofencing bring an unmatched level of reliability to timekeeping.

Streamline Time Submittals

With these mobile solutions, employees can record both their work hours and breaks right from their smartphones or tablet. This not only increases accuracy and efficiency but helps to keep employers compliant in states like California, where certain breaks are legally required.

Automated, in-app notifications to remind employees to complete required forms help keep employers compliant. Mobile time apps keep everything right in one place, helping contractors to approve time entries with ease.

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

With mobile time tracking apps, real-time reporting and analytics are available whenever employers need them. With to-the-minute budgeted vs. actual reports, contractors can assess factors like attendance, project hours and overall labor costs whenever needed. In turn, this information can empower employers to make smart choices about resource allocation, project timelines and workforce management.

Furthermore, contractors can quickly address any discrepancies in planned schedules, improving operational efficiency and saving money on labor costs.

Customizable Workflows and Policies

Contractors can customize their policies to meet the needs of their organization with construction time tracking apps. With these apps, employees can designate the type of work they’re doing right from the app. For example, if you have an individual on your crew who works as an estimator as well as an installer, they can clock in and out multiple times in one day, using the app to specify in what capacity they are working.

Alternatively, if a company needs its workers in multiple jurisdictions throughout a single day, the app’s GPS capabilities can keep track them, simplifying paperwork come tax season.

The Best Time to Start Is Now

Mobile time tracking apps can transform how your business handles time tracking. From seamless integrations with accounting software to geofencing and the ability to customize workflows, these apps offer a range of features that simplify time tracking processes, reduce errors and increase efficiency.

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As you explore construction employee time tracking options, consider WorkMax TIME, an app that offers all these features and more.

With WorkMax TIME, you can stay compliant with time tracking regulations, know your crew is on the jobsite when they claim to be and eliminate double-entry.