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January 14, 2022

Tips to Streamline Your Accounting and Management Efforts in 2022

Construction leaders have an opportunity with the new year to streamline key parts of their business – and technology is here to help. John Meibers is the Vice President of DelTek +ComputerEase, a robust construction accounting software. He joined the Mobile Workforce Podcast in March of 2021 to discuss the top accounting mistakes contractors make. He’s back to discuss how to take advantage of the new accounting technology out there, the best reports for monitoring your teams and how to use technology to protect your team from any staff shortages.

Key Takeaways

  1. Replace homegrown solutions and invest in more stable processes. Homegrown processes for your payroll, accounting and job cost tracking might be working right now. But if the person managing it leaves, it will leave your team in a lurch, leading to losses in productivity and profitability. Instead, invest in repeatable and teachable processes that create transparency, which leads to a healthier workforce and job site.
  2. Work in Progress reports are key to success. There are few reports that give the depth of information that a Work in Progress report (WIP) gives to management teams. The WIP compares the amount of money spent against the progress made on the project. The more granular, detailed and immediate your WIP reports are, the more useful they are. It is imperative in 2022 to have live field data building your WIP reports for daily review.

Embrace remote work, because it’s here to stay. Working remotely is not going to disappear once the world returns to normal, and it doesn’t need to with the technology that we have. With the right processes and team, flexibility can become a part of your culture and something your employees consider to be a perk.