WorkMax TIME by AboutTime Technologies Integrates with Vista by Viewpoint Construction Software

Viewpoint Construction Software Integration with WorkMax 2

WorkMax employee TIME tracking and attendance seamlessly integrates with leading Viewpoint Construction Software. […]

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5 Ways to CYA with Employee Time Tracking Solutions

CYA with Employee Time Tracking

    5 Ways to CYA with Employee Time Trackingby Shannon Corgan, Director of Marketing  Do you wish that you could get back to doing what you love at work and spending less time on making sure you’re covering all of your bases to reduce labor risk for your business? WorkMax TIME makes it easier […]

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5 Employee Time Tracking Must Haves

5 5 Employee time tracking must haves WorkMax

5 Employee Time Tracking Must-Haves  Deciding which employee time tracking solution is right for you can be time consuming. There are so many things to consider, but have you thought about what you need to make sure you’ll find a solution that fits your business needs now and is flexible enough to grow with your […]

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Employee time tracking 6 Reasons to CHANGE today

employee time tracking

  Employee Time Tracking – 6 no-brainer reasons to change your process today:   1. Timesheets and spreadsheets are costing your business MUCH more than you may realize. What could your business do with an extra $6,000 per employee, per year, every year? You simply can’t do business without your amazing people, its no surprise […]

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