Construction Resource Management: Prepare Post COVID-19

Construction Resource Management Prepare Now for the Post COVID Tidal Wave

Construction Resource Management: 3 Ways To Prepare Now for The Post COVID Tidal WaveBy Shannon Corgan, Director of Marketing  In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to construction resource management. Some construction projects have been shut down because of city and state mandates, while other states […]

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4 Ways the Construction Industry Can Leverage Technology During COVID-19

4 Ways the Construction Industry Can Leverage Technology During COVID-19 To survive and thrive beyond COVID-19, contractors must find better ways today to collect and share field data and deploy agile cloud-based resource management solutions that allow contractors to rapidly respond to any project issues with real-time data. READ FULL ARTICLE

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COVID Safety Training Videos Mobile Forms

COVID Safety Training WorkMax Mobile Forms Rapidly Deploy

Rapidly Deploy COVID Safety Training Videos with Mobile Forms By Shannon Corgan, Director of Marketing  We’re all making changes to our daily lives to do everything we can to protect ourselves from COVID-19. In general, the construction industry is still considered an essential service and contractors are busy at work. I’m sure that, just like […]

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ConExpo 2020: Face Recognition Found Celebrities

ConExpo 2020 Celebrity Sighting with Face Recognition Employee Time Tracking

ConExpo 2020: WorkMax’s Face Recognition Found Celebrities By Jonathan Salas  ConExpo 2020 has wrapped up and we’re glad that we were able to meet so many wonderful construction business owners and folks on the business operations side of the house. Our WorkMax team from both sales and technical support was there in full force to […]

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