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October 17, 2022

One Hundredth Episode Special

It’s not every day that you hit a major milestone. It’s important that when you do you take a moment and process what it took to get that and what you have learned along the way. As we reach our 100th episode of the Mobile Workforce Podcast our Host Mike Merrill takes the time to reflect on the construction industry and what has changed over the years, for better or for worse.

To make the episode even more special we will have Ron Babich one of our original guests on episode 4 where he discussed how to become a job site hero and a long-time friend of the show taking a turn as a special host, putting Mike in the spotlight and hot seat. Ron and Mike discuss the evolution of construction technology, the common thread pulling at construction innovation today and the experiences that Mike has learned the most from.


Key Takeaways:

  1. Construction has come a long way but we haven’t arrived yet. The digital revolution has taken over construction. At this point there is an expectation that contractors are using technology to improve their processes and increase efficiency. But construction still has a lot of space to fill and will continue to innovate and increase efficiency.
  2. Plan your processes out. There isn’t a job site that opens without a completely fleshed-out plan for what is going to happen on site. The same process should be applied to any technology implementation you have. Plan it out from start to finish and be ready to adjust as the process starts.
  3. Collect your data at the source. Accurate and efficient data collection is only possible if it is collected in the moment and at the source. Make sure that the data you are collecting is as accurate and as easy to collect as possible to ensure your data is giving you the best results. When your data is collected at the source your entire business can run confidently off of those data points.