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February 25, 2021

Innovation in Construction: Using Tech to Tackle Its Bad Rep

There are a lot of stereotypes about the construction business, such as all projects go over budget and delays are inevitable. Most of them are dated and untrue, but these misconceptions still weigh the industry down. How? For starters, by making it harder to attract good workers and increasing skepticism by prospective customers. The good news is there’s never been a better time to work in construction, with technology at the helm of significant changes that improve how companies budget, report progress, and track issues. Fortunately, technology and marketing are the answer to freeing the industry from outdated stereotypes once and for all.

In this special crossover episode with the Bridging the Gap Podcast, host Todd Weyandt breaks down common stereotypes about the construction industry and shares ways to reshape construction’s image in 2021 and beyond.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Contractors should partner with their local trade organizations on community initiatives. The industry will be able to change the general public’s perception if everyone works together for the greater good. By working together on projects that give back to the community and unify to recruit for job fairs, contractors will begin to be trusted and respected by the community and each other. Trust and respect for the construction industry and the different trades benefit the entire industry.
  2. Promote soft skills on the job site. Construction is not a muscle-only industry. The need for soft skills and tech savvy is only increasing. On-the-job training and fast tracks for promotion give anyone willing to do the work the opportunity to succeed. As an industry, we need to show that making a career in construction is rewarding, does not require extensive college debt to get into, and has unlimited upward mobility.
  3. Sales and marketing are a huge part of the process today. Studies show that 85% of all purchasing decisions are researched beforehand online. If you do not have an online presence with a website and social media, especially LinkedIn, you are missing the opportunity to set the expectation for new clients. But having a website and social pages isn’t enough. Show off your diverse team, the technology you use and the quality of the jobs you have already completed.

Make sure to check out the second half of our conversation on the Bridging the Gap Podcast! We discuss actionable steps to build a new reputation for your business by promoting the processes and technology you use on the job site and online.