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December 3, 2021

Increase Construction Productivity in 2022 with IoT Technology

2021 was a big year for construction. This begs the question: what might 2022 hold? WorkMax’s 2021 In Review series aims to answer just that. Featuring our most popular guests, each week we will be reviewing highlights from the year and discussing what could be around the corner in 2022.

Today’s episode features Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, the executive vice president of products and CSO at Acumatica, a leading cloud ERP provider. Ajoy joined us for episode 40 back in August, where we discussed how IoT technology is making the construction site smarter. In our latest chat, host Mike Merrill and Ajoy discuss the Internet of Things (more commonly known as IoT) and how it can be used to share data from equipment and other environmental inputs. They break down how it impacted the construction industry in 2021, its relationship to machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), and how companies can best approach investing in IOT in 2022.

Key Takeaways

  1. IoT is everywhere. IoT is a cutting-edge technology that has proven its value across sectors. Fortunately, construction is in a prime position to take full advantage of the data IoT has to offer. Contractors need to be aware of what IoT sensors can do and be ready to embrace the information each device shares, especially as it pertains to productivity, maintenance and environmental input.
  2. Technology improves decision-making for construction leaders. Today’s work environment requires construction businesses to move fast. The good news is investing in the right technology actually helps leaders make more confident decisions, quickly. For example, live machine learning software can access critical data from multiple sources, including IoT sensors, which can provide helpful insights to the decision-makers who need it most.
  3. Start to leverage IoT insights with what you have: equipment. You might be surprised by how much of the equipment, tools and supplies you have already offer IoT data. The best place to find it? Look to a live field data collection option that can collect and process your data immediately.