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February 24, 2022

From Paper-Based to Cloud-Based: One Contractor’s Journey to Success

A change in processes a business uses can be a heavy lift even for the smallest of companies, but the need to change from paper-based to cloud-based is a necessary one. Updating and modernizing a contracting business is necessary to remain competitive. There are a million different ways to get on the cloud, and sometimes hearing how someone else did can ease the stress of transition.

Fortunately, Robin Thorne joins Mike Merrill on our first episode in a series celebrating women in construction. Robin is the President and CEO of CTI – an engineering firm that provides environmental/safety compliance and construction management services. Robin is also the founder of DemoChicks, a nonprofit that introduces young women and girls to nontraditional careers and empowering them to pursue their dreams. She is going to share her journey to the cloud, how to use a dedicated IT professional, and how the cloud has improved communication with her subcontractors and helped eliminate human error.

Key Takeaways

  1. Today’s teams need instant communication to be effective. You cannot have a great team working at their highest level if their time is being consumed with mundane tasks such as requesting information or looking for files. Having a cloud-based network that connects all of your data and people together ensures that the real work is being done without elongated disruptions from busy work.
  2. Cloud-based connectivity eliminates human error. Losing forms and data are all problems that can cause issues with your team, clients and bank account. Cloud-based tracking, forms and data ensure that no matter what happens to the device or person capturing the data, it is safely stored online and can be accessed from anywhere. This eliminates problems like incorrect handwritten notes, lost proposal forms and slow data acquisition.
  3. Using an IT expert as a contractor is a great way to keep your system up and running smoothly. New technology can be overwhelming, but by utilizing an expert, even if only part-time or as-needed, will keep your team connected and your clients impressed. Don’t try to figure out everything on your own when expert guidance is available.