for your mobile, remote and local teams.



All in ONE place.

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for your mobile, remote and local teams.



All in ONE place.

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employee time trackingEmployee TIME Tracking

A simple yet powerful employee time tracking solution with the flexibility to track your entire workforce accurately. Capture employee and job/project time electronically, along with tasks to gain reliable data to feed other business systems in order to generate more accurate paychecks, invoices, and true job costing analysis. Employee time and labor worked streams in, virtually real-time so you can manage your workforce and labor as it happens, not weeks after! Your staff will be able to eliminate errors while completing billing and payroll in a fraction of the time.

TIME Content 1a
face recognition supervisor alone plain face guy4 Artboard 1employee time trackingFace Recognition Time Tracking

Eliminate "Buddy-Punching". As employees clock IN, change TASKS and punch OUT, their face recognition picture can be captured along with their time stamp, WorkMax then auto-scans photos with intelligent face-matching technology to find and flag any suspect time records. WorkMax allows customers to set their own photo match threshold and WorkMax TIME Face Recognition can also be turned on or off for each employee.



employee time trackingGPS Location Capture

Ensure your mobile workforce is in the right place, at the right time. When employees punch IN, change TASKS and punch OUT, WorkMax TIME captures GPS location. You can setup WorkMax to compare your custom Geo-fences along with time-stamps to alert you if employees have punched IN, changed TASKS or punched OUT outside of your Geo-Fence.


Clock Jumping Small Artboard 1

employee time trackingClock Jumping

WorkMax supports job-jumping AND clock-jumping, this allows mobile employees to clock IN on one device and then OUT  on a completely different device, this can happen across different jobs or across different mobile devices throughout the work day or work week. The benefit is employees can track TIME on whatever mobile device is closest and most convenient. 

TIME Content 1b
Permission Profiles Data Routing Small 01employee time trackingPermission Profiles - Data Routing
When your business has hundreds or thousands of jobs and hundreds or thousands of tasks; it is imperative to restrict what data goes out to what mobile device and/or to what employee(s). Certain employes may only work on certain jobs, certain jobs may only need a handful of tasks. WorkMax permission profiles lets you route the pertinent data to the proper employees or mobile device, the end result is quicker time tracking for employees, less mistakes and more accurate data as they are presented restricted lists of only what is applicable to that employee, their job(s) or their workflow.  
FlexFields Locationemployee time trackingFlex-Fields
Employees are quick to learn and adopt WorkMax because you can personalize the system for your industry, your business, and your entire team. Default "Locations" might be better known as "Customers" or "Projects". "Tasks" may be better known as "Cost-codes". WorkMax lets you setup the system your way, ensuring company-wide adoption and a quick return on investment.

Supervisor Group

web based employee time trackingMultiple Workflows
WorkMax supports real-time and "after the fact" TIME tracking workflows so employees can punch IN, change TASKS and punch OUT or supervisors can get an entire group on or off the clock in seconds. Regardless of which workflow you choose, all of your employees can review, approve and sign off on their time worked.

WorkMax TIME Makes Payroll a Breeze

Get ready to increase efficiency, eliminate manual data-entry and
automate your employee TIME tracking process.

WorkMax Mobile Time Tracking GPS Face Recognition


If you need “quick and simple” employee time tracking you will appreciate the crisp, clean and intuitive design of the WorkMax TIME solution. If your business requires advanced time tracking workflows, you can easily leverage the full capabilities of WorkMax TIME. From any web browser your team can administrate TIME through the WorkMax ControlCenter where you can easily setup roles and grant privileges to team members giving them access to review, edit, approve, close-out and export time. You will also gain complete real-time visibility and accurate TIME reporting capabilities.


Real Time in task go 3




Find out how much money you are wasting on time sheets and paper time cards that you could be saving. Check out our dynamic TIME savings calculator. Read More


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The WorkMax TIME module delivers all the features you need to manage your workforce time and attendance. Read More
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Simple, yet Powerful Employee Time Tracking

WorkMax TIME streamlines the way you manage
time and labor across your entire workforce.

mobile employee time tracking


Forget time sheets, spreadsheets and outdated time and attendance processes. The WorkMax employee TIME tracking solution connects your ENTIRE workforce from mobile and remote employees to local office staff. Now your entire team can capture and track accurate time and labor from any device, anytime, and from anywhere. WorkMax provides multiple time tracking workflows to help your teams get the job done quicker with completely verifiable accuracy.

Any Device | Anytime | Anywhere

WorkMax TIME allows your team to easily track time and
manage labor from any device, anytime, from anywhere.

employee time tracking app

ANYmobile employee time tracking

Access WorkMax TIME from any web browser on virtually any device. No service? WorkMax Mobile Android and Apple apps let your employees get on the clock while completely disconnected and without service.

ANYemployee time tracking software

WorkMax is accessible from work, home or on the go without requiring any software to be installed on specific devices or machines.

ANYgps employee time tracking

WorkMax is accessible from work, home or on the go without requiring any software to be installed on specific devices or machines.

Real-Time Labor Tracking 

Punch IN under tasks throughout the day.

employee time trackingdownload pdf 1

1. Punch INmobile employee time tracking

Individual employees can punch IN , or team leaders can punch IN  an entire crew all at once. Time can be set to capture to the minute or rounded to the nearest 5, 10 or 15, etc. Tasks are completely customizable to YOUR business.

8:05am IN “TASK B”
2. Change TASKS mobile employee time tracking

Changing tasks throughout the day is quick and simple. No need to clock OUT , just clock IN again under the new task and go to work. It takes <5 seconds to change tasks and capture time with pin-point accuracy by task and productivity level. 

2:20pm IN “TASK E”
3. Punch OUT mobile employee time tracking

As the workday ends, simply clock OUT. Team leaders can clock OUT an entire crew all at once. A complete labor summary is provided so employees can review, approve and sign off on their time right from their mobile device.

3:50pm OUT
web based employee time trackingTIME WORKFLOW #1

Punch IN,  change TASKS and punch OUT in real-time as it happens. Supervisors don’t need to do anything more. Your business gains accurate employee time and labor worked, GPS time stamps are also captured at every step (INs, Task Change and OUTs), along with accurate tasks, units and productivity (job-costs). Your business also gains complete employee time tracking and labor automation for faster payroll, billing and increased efficiency.



Real-Time + Allocate Labor Tracking

Punch IN . Punch OUT. ALLOCATE Time and Tasks Later.

employee time tracking softwaredownload pdf 1

1. Punch INmobile employee time tracking

Individual employees punch IN , or team leaders can punch IN for a group all at once.

8:05am IN “TASK B”
2. Punch OUT mobile employee time tracking

As the workday ends, employees simply clock OUT , or team leaders can clock OUT a group all at once. 

3:50pm OUT
3. ALLOCATEmobile employee time tracking

Supervisors can then ALLOCATE and breakup time and tasks as they occurred through the day. The graphical drag and drop allocate tool even lets you bulk allocate multiple employees all at once.

employee time trackingTIME WORKFLOW #2

Punch IN  at the start of the shift and OUT at the end of the shift. Employees do not need to change tasks through the day; supervisors can break up the accurate time into tasks performed with units produced and can even bulk-allocate time/tasks/units for an entire group at once. Your business gains accurate (real-time) labor worked, GPS time stamps along with tasks, units completed and productivity (job-costs). In addition to accuracy, your business improves time collection automation for faster payroll, billing and increased overall efficiency.



Digital Time (after the fact) Labor Tracking

Enter START , STOP and/or TOTAL  after the fact.

employee time tracking onlinedownload pdf 1

employee time trackingTIME WORKFLOW #3 

The “after the fact” digital time sheet workflow provides the ultimate flexibility, allowing employees to enter their time worked after the fact, how they want, when they can. This is typically done at the end of the day or end of the work week. Your business eliminates paper and gains complete time and labor automation for faster payroll, billing and increased overall efficiency.


 Modern Employee Time Tracking

for as low as $667 month


employee time tracking solution

mobile employee time trackingEliminate time sheets and STREAMLINE PAYROLL
remote employee time trackingTime and labor shown live in REAL-TIME
field employee time trackingWork anywhere, even when DISCONNECTED
employee time tracking softwareRapid Setup, WEB-BASED Deployment

TIME Page Buttons 01

TIME Page Buttons Features 01

employee time tracking GPS

GPS Location Stamps 

help verify your mobile workforce is
in the right place at the right time

employee time tracking photo facial recognition

LIVE Auto Send Visibility

helps you see remote employees
clocked IN or OUT – as it happens

employee time tracking system

Employee Privileges and Rights

allows for different levels of
access for different employees.

employee time tracking pay groups and overtime rules

Pay Groups, Overtime Rules,

Shift Rules, Pay Codes/Rates,
Pay Periods and Group Restrictions

employee time tracking

Full Time Zone Support 

Mobile workers can work across
different time zones in the same day.

employee time tracking

Flex-Fields let you customize

terminology to your industry,
your team and your business.

employee time tracking labor

Real-Time Workflow

allows employees to punch IN and OUT
to guarantee exact, precise labor.

employee time tracking

Real-Time + Allocate Workflow

Allows for easy allocation for one or
many employees at the end of the day.

employee time tracking sheet

Digital Time Workflow

allows your mobile, remote and local
workforce flexible time and attendance.

employee time tracking mobile

Increase Accuracy. Reduce Errors.

Gain accurate time and attendance.
Reduce manual entry and data errors.

Integration employee time tracking

Integrate WorkMax With Others

Scheduled + on-demand import/exports
make sharing time and attendance easy.

simple employee time tracking

Workforce Acceptance

Simple in the field, powerful in the office.
Your team is going to love WorkMax.


Imagine the power of combining TIME with other WorkMax modules
to help capture rich, accurate data along with time and attendance.


Take TIME and LABOR management to the next level by leveraging other modules along with TIME. Each WorkMax module has been designed to be used standalone OR to interact seamlessly with each of the other modules. Each time you add a module you exponentially increase the value of the solution to your business.

employee time trackingREAL-WORLD LEVERAGE EXAMPLE   mondern employee time tracking software   +   employee time tracking digital forms

Add FORMS to TIME and now all of your business forms can be accessed by your labor force! Any of your forms can be presented to employees to be filled out. Imagine the workflow possibilities; a simple form asking “Were you injured on the job today?” could be posed to employees upon clock OUT. If they answer “YES”, your accident form could be triggered and presented for the employee to fill out. The flexible, modular platform is what makes WorkMax the ultimate resource management solution.

Any Device Any Time Any Where

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