Employee Time Tracking and Mobile Forms for Staffing Agencies

Employee Time Tracking and Mobile Forms for Staffing Agencies 

Managing staffing agency employees’ time with paper time cards or spreadsheets is a challenge. The high turnover rate and short tenure of temporary employees make it even more difficult for staffing agencies to collect and manage employee time tracking and paper forms.

According to the American Staffing Association, employees of staffing agencies average a 3-month tenure and have a 352% turnover rate. Also, the staffing agency’s employees are working at client sites, so it can be difficult to get time cards and any HR forms in a timely manner. WorkMax TIME and FORMS overcomes the biggest staffing agency challenges for managing employees’ time and forms. No more faxing time cards and forms to employees that are working at your clients’ locations. Employees can track their time on their smartphones. When you combine WorkMax FORMS with WorkMax TIME, you can require your temporary employees to fill out a form on Clock IN/OUT. 

Here are 6 Ways WorkMax employee TIME tracking and WorkMax mobile FORMS make it easy for staffing agencies:

Employee Time Tracking E-sign Capture Signatures from Anywhere

Expedite employee time approvals and form completions to invoice clients faster with signatures from any touch screen device.

happy 01 Easy to Use and Manage

Easy for employees or clients to track time and complete forms on any devices from anywhere. This makes managing payroll and forms much easier for your HR staff.

clock Do More in Less Time 

Expedite form completions, time collection, and time approvals. No more faxing time cards or forms. This speeds up payroll processing and speed up client invoicing.

binocular Complete Visibility 

See time tracking and forms data from the office while employees are working at your client’s offices.

Employee Time Tracking Collected from Anywhere Collect Time and Forms from Anywhere 

Employees and Clients can track time, collect forms and approve time from anywhere and at any time on any device.

Flexible Spring Flexible 

Employees and clients can complete forms and manage time from a smartphone, tablet or iPad, laptop or desktop computer. You can buy WorkMax TIME or bundle with WorkMax FORMS to automate manual processes.

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