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ep-15-mike gillum

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February 18, 2021

Construction Technology: Pivotal Differentiator for Clients

As the use of construction technology surges across the industry, an unexpected group is expressing interest in how it works: prospective clients. Current customers and prospective clients understand that technology is valuable for businesses in general. But lately, more and more are beginning to understand how a business’ technology (or lack of) can benefit (or hinder) their projects. Whether it’s gaining visibility into budgets or timelines, or receiving updates from the field in real-time, prospective clients are asking construction firms what kinds of technology they utilize and are increasingly choosing contractors based on their answers.

In this episode, Mike Gillum, a product specialist at Acumatica, reveals which technologies are attracting clients today and explains why every contractor should be implementing these solutions in 2021 and beyond. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Contractors should select technology that enhances their productivity. The right tech solutions can boost your team’s productivity by eliminating unnecessary work, increasing communication and reporting. Clients want work that’s completed on time and within budget and are increasingly selecting contractors who leverage tech to do so, even if their proposal is not the lowest quoted cost. 
  2. Prioritize technology that keeps clients in the loop. In 2020 and into 2021, it hasn’t been feasible for most clients to visit job sites to track progress and share feedback. That’s why real-time tracking solutions are so valuable –– they allow contractors to report on a project’s progress with videos, pictures and data. Clients can receive these details quickly from wherever they are, so they always stay in the know.  
  3. Tech that increases safety, reliability and accuracy gives clients the security they need. The best construction managers are risk managers. Technology solutions like safety forms and labor tracking allows project managers to instantly respond to situations that arise on the job site, minimizing any loss of time, money or injury. By effectively managing risk, the contractor can eliminate issues before they take place.