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| December 19, 2016

Cloud Solutions for Employee Time Tracking, Forms, and Equipment Tracking

Cloud Solution for Employee Time Tracking
Cloud Solutions for Employee Time Tracking, Forms Automation, and Asset Tracking: Top 5 Reasons to Buy Now

By Shannon Corgan, Director of Marketing 

When purchasing software for employee time tracking, forms automation, or asset tracking, some companies stick with purchasing software in the same way they have done in the past, but that is not what the most innovative companies are doing. The most innovative companies are looking to achieve their time to value as quickly as possible with the least amount of resources to accomplish it. As a result, these innovators are turning to cloud-based solutions for employee time tracking and forms automation. Check out our Top Five Reasons to Move to Cloud Solutions for Employee Time Tracking, Forms Automation, and Equipment Tracking: 


1.Total Cost of Ownership

When looking at the cost of a cloud solution for employee time tracking, mobile forms, or asset tracking compared to on-premise solutions, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Many times companies only compare the on-premise license cost to the SaaS recurring subscription costs. They fail to consider the annual support costs that average 15% – 22% of the license cost for on-premise software. Most folks tend to forget to include the costs for hardware and technical staff to support the software. With cloud solutions for employee time tracking and forms automation, many of the additional on-premise costs that are often not included in the total cost of the purchase are included in the subscription costs. This typically leads to a lower total cost of ownership for cloud solutions.


IT Resources

2. IT Resources Needed

Gartner estimates that IT organizations devote more than 75 percent of their budgets solely to operating and maintaining existing systems and software infrastructure. In addition, Gartner found that companies can spend up to four times the initial software license cost to own, operate and manage applications. With cloud solutions for employee time tracking and mobile forms, there are no additional costs for technical support or any additional servers that need to be maintained by IT staff. This is all included in the annual or monthly subscription fee. 



Rapid Implementation

3.  Rapid Implementation

On-premise implementations can take several months to deploy and some extend beyond a year while cloud-based employee time tracking and mobile forms solutions can be implemented within days. Not only are cloud deployments much faster, but they are also much less expensive. On-premise implementations can be quite costly and professional services fees can be up to 3X of the initial software purchase price. Cloud solutions are much easier to implement because they don’t require coding to get up and running and have many out-of-the-box accounting systems and business application integrations. It’s also easy to for non-coders to personalize employee time tracking or mobile forms solutions in the cloud to improve user adoption and accelerate the time to value. Cloud vendors provide self-service portals with videos and step-by-step instructions to get users up and running quickly.



Frequent Innovation4. Frequent Innovation

Cloud solutions for employee time tracking and mobile forms usually provide improvements to their software on a frequent basis and require no action by the user or company’s IT department. The new features are instantly available and can be accessed as they log into the software. Cloud users are also always on the most current version of the software and can start using the new features to become more efficient. This is a stark contrast to new feature enhancements for on-premise software that are typically done annually and can be disruptive to customers. On-premise software upgrades often require IT staff to upgrade other software or servers to support the new version of the on-premise software. This can require many IT resources to accomplish.



Vendor Accountability

5. More Accountable Vendors with Cloud

Many cloud vendors offer month-to-month licenses, so they have to earn their customer’s business every month and keep them happy by providing top-notch technical support and high levels of customer satisfaction. Cloud vendors are financially motivated to keep their customers happy. They must continue to provide new innovations and improvements to keep their customers happy. In contrast, traditional on-premise software vendors sell the license and move on.



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