Buddy Punching Biometric Time Clock App with Face Recognition

| January 29, 2020

Buddy Punching Arch Nemesis Accuracy Profitability

Buddy Punching Biometric Time Clock App with Face Recognition

Buddy Punching: Your Arch Nemesis to Accuracy and Profitability
3 Ways a Biometric Time Clock App Can Eliminate Buddy Punching Forever
By: Shannon Corgan, Director of Marketing 

Buddy punching is common for companies with a mobile workforce especially when supervisors move from job to job and manage multiple crews. They’re not always around when employees are clocking IN/OUT leaving an easy opening for this to occur. Every business owner, accountant, payroll employee, and supervisor needs to know what buddy punching is because it’s most likely happening and negatively affecting your payroll and job cost accuracy. But more importantly, you’re paying employees when they’re not actually working and it’s driving up your labor costs. It’s great that your employees are buddies and work well together, but you don’t want them to clock each other into work before they’ve arrived at the job site or clock each other out after they’ve left the job site for the day. In a nutshell, that’s what buddy punching is; Employees are paid for working but they’re not at the job site working.

Here are 3 ways WorkMax’s biometric face recognition will end buddy punching for your business:

Accurate Biometrics Results with WorkMax’s Time Clock App 

With true biometric face recognition, you’ll know you have the right person clocking IN/OUT and there’s no buddy punching happening. Faces in a profile photo are matched based on their visual geometry, including the relationship between the eyes, nose, brow, mouth, and other facial features to the clock IN/OUT photos associated with their time records. After the faces in the two photos are compared, you’re provided with a match percentage. You may be wondering if your employees can fool the system and continue buddy punching for their coworkers by wearing a hat, wig, or glasses. You’ll be happy to know that the answer is no. You’ll still achieve accurate face comparison match percentages even if your employees change hairstyles or wear glasses or a hat. The visual geometry in WorkMax’s biometric time clock app still measures the relationship between the facial features for the most accurate way to eliminate buddy punching.

Easy To Use

According to Pew Research96% of Americans own a cell phone and 81% of Americans own a smartphone. Most people’s mobile phones have replaced their cameras and they frequently take photos with their mobile devices. To use the biometric face recognition, simply have your employees take a photo on a mobile device when they clock IN/OUT and the biometric face recognition is done in the background. Employees just go to work as soon as they clock IN/OUT just like they’ve always done. Facial recognition is the best way to eliminate buddy punching and when you make face recognition easy to use, you’ll see the results you want.

No Expensive Equipment 

When we developed WorkMax TIME’s biometric features to eliminate buddy punching and reduce your labor costs, we wanted to remove any cost barriers to using biometrics. There’s no need to purchase expensive biometric devices or equipment like other biometric solutions that cost over $1,000 per device. With WorkMax TIME’s biometric time clock app, the cost really isn’t an issue because employees can clock IN/OUT on their iOS or Android device or use existing company tablets or iPads with WorkMax.

To see how WorkMax TIME’s face recognition will eliminate buddy punching forever and reduce your labor costs, learn more about face recognition here or schedule a demo right now. 


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