3 Ways Mobile Forms Transform Businesses

| March 10, 2017

3 Ways Mobile Forms Transform Businesses

3 Ways Mobile Forms Transform Businesses

3 Ways Mobile Forms Transform Businesses
By Ryan Remkes, CEO

You’ve heard about the benefits of implementing mobile forms, mobile technology, and paperless processes within your business, but like any core business process, there’s never “a good time” to tackle taking your business paperless.

Lack of time and fear of change is likely what holds many companies back. After years of dealing with on premise software installations and painful software implementations, the “new business solution fear” is very real and let’s face it… everyone is busy and 9 to 5 time is incredibly precious.

Still, the thought of paperless data collection intrigues you. Results are proven and you’ve heard about the many e-forms and paperless benefits other businesses are realizing. Capturing real-time, rich, accurate mobile forms data is the first step to going paperless. Sharing accurate forms data that streams into your business systems from mobile, remote and local teams throughout the business day is the next step.

Gaining accurate forms information that provides visibility allows employees to make confident decisions, execute and move quickly. Digital data makes your business more agile and more competitive. Mobile forms data can also CYA and can protect your business with searchable, powerful documentation.

Still, do you have the time? Does implementing a true digital forms solution justify the pain and the effort? Will your mobile employees, remote workers and office staff all adopt a new paperless, mobile forms solution? Most importantly, will it produce tangible business results and a return on investment for your particular business?

Implementing business-grade mobile forms solutions and going paperless is one project that is absolutely worth doing. Here are 3 key ways mobile forms can transform your business:



 SPEED. Solutions and platforms have changed rapidly over the last few years. Today in 2017, the reality is there are business-grade cloud-based mobile forms solutions like WorkMax FORMS that you can fully implement in a single afternoon. Yes, it’s true, you can do this today! The best paperless solution providers have eliminated lengthy, costly, traditional software implementations. Mobile app stores also make the mobility chore much simpler so you can download the mobile app and sync up to your new forms in minutes. The entire process really can be as easy as sign up, set up, build your forms in the cloud, sync up and go. By this time tomorrow, your team could be capturing rich, accurate mobile and mobile forms data.





SHARING. Capturing accurate data in your mobile forms is step one. It eliminates manual process, human mistakes and is superior to paper and spreadsheet processes in every way. Mobile forms deliver phenomenal benefits but do not overlook the power of easily transferring and sharing your paperless forms. Cloud-based mobile forms solutions like WorkMax FORMS provide your teams with nearly instant access to business data that used to take days or weeks to scan, email, Dropbox (or whatever storage flavor) and share with coworkers. The best mobile forms solutions allow completed forms to be automatically organized in your cloud account, they can then be accessed, downloaded, reviewed, printed and emailed from anywhere. Some solutions even provide intelligent alerts and notifications. Imagine getting an email as your critical forms are submitted. 





 EXECUTION  What are you doing with the data your employees are required to capture? Where is it? Easily searchable? Do you ever feel like your business is bogged down in the process, running in quicksand? Going paperless can help you capture and transfer information across city, county, state and national lines within mere seconds. Imagine moving your business data, project pictures, client or employee signatures, field notes, tables, calculations and other forms data from the field, into your office in virtual real-time. Simple data collection, rapid transfer and anywhere access helps your best and brightest to make better decisions for the good of the business, much quicker. Return on Investment comes from using the data to execute and grow.



When it comes to choosing a mobile forms solution, a general understanding of the platform’s features is enough to make a sound decision that will take your business to an entirely new level. There is a wealth of information easily accessible and available today, the competitive edge for your business tomorrow will be with those that most efficiently capture, share, review, process AND execute on critical business data. These are the three keys to choosing a solution that will pull you from the quicksand and rapidly propel your business growth in the mobile information age.

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