3 Tips to Kill Payroll Headaches with Employee Time Tracking

| October 25, 2016

3 Tips to Kill Payroll Headaches with Employee Time Tracking

3 Tips to Kill Payroll Headaches with Employee Time Tracking

3 Tips to Kill Payroll Headaches with Employee Time Tracking

By Shannon Corgan, Director of Marketing 

You dread the same things every payroll week. You’re constantly asking for the same things every week. If you get asked one more time, how many hours have I clocked in this week or calling the same supervisor to tell them that they haven’t approved their employees’ time records, you will lose your mind. You’re tired of illegible handwriting and really wish you could read what people are writing on their timesheets. You’re tired of emailing people to tell them that they calculated their time wrong for their based on their start and end time and letting them know their total hours are less than they submitted. You might think that the only solution to payroll headaches is the Costco sized bottle of Excedrin, but we have 3 tips that will get rid of some of your three biggest payroll headaches. 

Here are 3 tips to help you get rid of your Payroll Pains:

1. Empower Employees with real –time access to hours submitted from mobile devices

Employees have their smartphone on them at all times, so why not put those phones to work to help lighten the load on your payroll team by reducing the number of payroll tickets submitted or phone calls to your payroll hotline for employee’s time tracking.? Empower your employees to have their employee time tracking at their fingertips. With mobile apps like WorkMax TIME, employees can instantly see what hours they submitted in real time and it automatically calculates the hours they worked. No math to be done by you or the employees. Employees will know right away how many hours they’ve worked and it will be accurate for you to process payroll. No out of cycle payroll runs for miscalculated employee time.

2. Allow Group Clock In/Out by Supervisor from Mobile Devices

When employees are working on job sites or outside of the office, it’s a hassle to track time for mobile employees. You want an employee time tracking solution available on any device at any time to make it easy for your supervisors to clock in or out a group of employees quickly each day. This makes time tracking a breeze and saves the employees’ and supervisors’ time. With WorkMax TIME, it’s easy to quickly view all your employee’s time records on the same screen, simply check the boxes in front of all of their names and click approve. The group clock IN /OUT feature saves the payroll team’s time too. No need to send out emails or make calls to try to get missing clock outs or clock ins. By streamlining the process and making it easy for the supervisors or managers to clock in a group of employees at once, you’re making your life easier too.

3. Offer Group Approval of Time by Supervisors on Mobile Devices

Don’t you hate payroll weeks when you’re stuck in the office and can’t even go out for lunch because you’re making so many phone calls to the same supervisors every week telling them that they’re late approving time for their employees? Do you feel like you’re spending more time herding cats than high-level analytical payroll projects you’d rather work on? With employee time tracking solutions like WorkMax TIME, you’ll spend less time tracking down supervisors and managers for approvals, because it’s so easy for them to approve employee time records from their smartphones or other mobile devices. Gone are the days that they have to go to the office or log into their computer after the workday to approve employee’s time. With WorkMax TIME, you’ve made employee time tracking easy for supervisors or managers to approve time no matter where they are. They could be in an airport on a business trip and in three clicks approve the time for the entire staff.