Lets Get Real Real Time Tracking with ACTIONABLE insights to keep your projects on track. 8

| June 22, 2017

12 Reasons to Track Time and Tasks in Real Time

Lets Get Real Real Time Tracking with ACTIONABLE insights to keep your projects on track. 8

12 Reasons to Track Time and Tasks in Real Time
By: Shannon Corgan, Director of Marketing 

Last week we talked about the financial benefits of tracking time entry in real time with after-the-fact allocation of tasks by your supervisors or employees to boost profits. While allocating tasks, units or cost codes after the fact is a good estimate, for an even more accurate time and task tracking, you really want to have your employees do it in real time. Why do you want your highly paid project managers or supervisors spending their time recapping what your employees did all day? Who would be better to do it than the employees as they are switching between tasks? WorkMax TIME Real-Time Entry with Real-Time Allocation is the most accurate way to track your employees’ time and allocate tasks, units, cost codes or phase codes. 

Learn how you can help your team become proactive, not reactive with an employee time tracking solution that tracks time and tasks in real time. Here are 12 Reasons to Track Time and Tasks in Real Time: 

Projects get completed within budget because you know your labor costs in real time. Keeping projects on budget becomes easy when labor costs are managed as it happens, in real time.

With accurate real-time allocation of labor costs to a project, you get paid faster. There are no delays going back and forth between your employees and accounting to create invoices for billable work. The faster accounting creates accurate invoices, the faster you get paid.

Reduces Overtime costs because employees and supervisors can easily see in real time when employees are approaching overtime. No more’ “OOPS, we went into OT.” Your employee and supervisors can see how many hours they’ve worked. 

Automatically calculates the amount of time spent on each tasks with accuracy. There’s no errors in calculating the amount time it takes to complete a task.

Get the EXACT amount of time it took your employees to accomplish the tasks on the projects to better estimate for future projects. With exact numbers, you can bid lower to win more business and STILL make a profit.

You get the actual time an employee clocks IN/OUT and where they were at when they clocked IN/OUT. You pay employees fairly for the time they actually work. No more estimating time worked or rounding time to the quarter hour or estimated time by your employees.

7Exclude travel time or the time it takes an employee to walk to their car before they clock out of work for the day with GPS location and GEO Fence. Know where employees are when they clock IN and OUT and only pay them for the time they are working while at the job, project or client where the work is supposed to be performed. Reduce labor costs with GPS location and GEO Fence.

8Know how much work was truly completed on the project when employees enter units completed in real time. You can add additional resources as soon as you need them. You don’t have to wait until the end of the day or the end of the week to understand when and where labor is needed, so it’s completed on time. 

Identify your top performing employees working on the same tasks and identify best practices by tracking labor in real time. Share best practices to finish your projects more quickly and make your clients happy. 

Use time and task tracking productivity to implement incentive programs or reward employees that are most productive for your business. Keep employees motivated by rewarding them when they finish tasks in real time instead of waiting until the end of long projects. Happy employees get more work done and work harder.

With real time visibility into tasks and units completed, you can finish your projects ahead of schedule and WOW your clients. Happy clients mean more business for you.

12Get nearly 100% accuracy for job costs with real-time cost codes or tasks, as its happening by your employees. No more guess work later or relying on employees’ memories when allocating costs to the right cost center, task or codes. No need for phone calls or emails to get accurate job costs. Your accounting team spends less time tracking down information and they get more work done.

As you can see, entry of time, task tracking, units completed and accurate cost code tracking gives you the most accurate way to complete your projects on time (and likely ahead of schedule) and on or under budget. When employees enter time in as it happens and allocate tasks, units, cost centers, or phase codes at the same time, you know what’s going on with your projects. You  know exactly what is going on with your projects and you can access this information from anywhere, anytime, 24/7/365.

View our five minute video to see how easy it is to track time and allocate tasks in real time.

If your company is looking to automate your employee time tracking with a digital time sheet, check out the 3 Reasons Why People Prefer Digital Time Sheets Blog. To learn more about the three time entry workflows included with WorkMax Time, view our three videos to find the right match for your company. The great thing with WorkMax TIME, you can use one, two or all three workflows to meet the demands of your business today or as you grow.